Tet Holiday in Vietnam with foreign women artists

Tet Holiday in Vietnam or Lunar New Year is the largest festival in this country for one year. Here are the impressions of foreign artist women about it:

Tet Holiday in the eyes of the writer Elizabeth McLean:

I was afraid of Tet Holiday in Vietnam. I was forced to drink. I had to eat from the houses to others…But now, i have to thank to the Tet Holiday because i could see the street where i live. I was in Hanoi for 6 years, from 2005 until my return to Vancouver, Canada in May 6-2011.

Tet Holiday in Vietnam

In the last year in Hanoi, i was in a small alley at 154 Doi Can Street: a very narrow street, sidewalks crowded with stores, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, tailors, copy shops, internet cafes … traffic was terrible.

Until the Tet Holiday in 2011, i found myself alone in a deserted street, perfectly clean sidewalks. The sun shined on the sparkling sidewalk. There were no cars, no shops, not at all…

Tet Holiday in the eyes of the poet Jennifer Fossenbell:

My husband and me, we arrived in Hanoi for the first time in the winter of 2009 and 2011, we celebrated the Tet Holiday in Hanoi. We walked along the Red River near our house for a coffee with friends.

Tet Holiday in Vietnam

And then of course, Tet Holiday brought us special dishes. I taught English at school and someone gave me a rice cake or Banh Chung done for Tet Holiday.

I guess the Tet Holiday is really interesting for those who grew up with the tradition left by their ancestors for several centuries, and they understand the importance of this tradition.

But for foreigners like us, Tet Holiday is also special. For me personally, the moving images of the Tet Holiday invade the mind, as a particular life experience.

Tet Holiday with the writer and painter Suzi Garner:

In 2007, one of my best friends in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh had to celebrate Tet Holiday at the Bach Mai hospital. I came to see him in a large room of respiratory patients. There were many patients surrounded by their families. I was very happy to see everyone contribute a small part to bring the atmosphere of Tet Holiday until hospital.

It was the only Tet Holiday without alcohol i attended. This meal at the hospital showed me the energy of the Vietnamese people and their ability to overcome any situation and to enjoy what they have

Impressions of the poet Mary Croy:

Many years before when i was in America, i was very interested in the Vietnamese culture and even i organized Tet Holiday with a group of literary friends. We sat by the mats for a meal:  chicken, rice cakes, sticky rice, and candy … like the Vietnamese people.

Since coming to live in Vietnam, the dream of a Tet Holiday becomes a reality. One of the best memories is that i celebrated Tet Holiday in Hue (Hue Forbidden City) with my American friend: Tracy.

Getting off the train from Hanoi, we were completely tired. But we had a great day with nature, my colleague Nhien and her family. I think there is an element that makes the Tet Holiday more particular: it is the Vietnamese people.

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