• Travel in Vietnam - Trekking in Pu Luong: Pu Luong Natural Reserve established in 1999 retains the well-preserved landscapes, abundant flora and diverse wildlife, local life of Thai people in authentic villages…

Trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam:

    Pu Luong in Vietnam is a natural reserve in the north of this country. Created in 1999, Pu Luong is a new unexploited destination and is not widely known. This may be the reason why this mountain region still preserves its pristine beauty. This nature reserve is ideal for travelers looking to explore the poetic beauty of the pristine mountains, forest in the Northwest of Vietnam and to live with the local population.

    Trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Pu Luong is located in the two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc belonging to Thanh Hoa province or about 150km from Hanoi capital. The area of ​​this natural reserve is 17,662 ha of which 13,320 hectares are strictly protected; the other 4343 hectares are reserved for ecological restoration.

    Pu Luong is considered as a natural reserve of the high value of science, eco-tourism, socio-economy and ecology. With Pu Hu, Pu Luong plays an important role in the protection of nature in northern Vietnam.

    Trek in Pu Luong is the opportunity to plunge into the landscapes of rice terraces, pristine mountains and villages nestled quietly at the foot of hills which are a real paradise of adventurers. By coming there, visitors will actually integrate into the liberal nature, spend the night in houses on stilts by separating from the world today... Residents living here are Thai people who are extremely welcoming.

    Trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    The best time to visit this natural reserve is the June and October when the rice terraces are golden yellow seeming to be endless over the green hills to create prosperous, quiet and romantic images. However, travelers can come here in any season of the year to relax in the fresh space of Pu Luong.

    Trek in Pu Luong is to explore the protected areas, spend the nights in the villages, plunge into the serene beauty of the Cham river flowing in the middle of the valleys ... The water wheels still rotate with diligent during day and night to bring the water from the river to irrigate the endless rice fields.

    Pu Luong is an ecosystem which is home of over 1,540 plant species and over 900 species of animals of which there are many rare species included in the Red Book of the World: Pa Co Pine, precious woods, orchids, gray primates, leopard, antelope, Asian black bear...

    Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Inside Pu Luong, rocky limestone karsts ecosystems create also spectacular caves. In addition, a point that we cannot ignore is the cultural identity of Thai people who create irresistible charm while trek in Pu Luong.

    Interests of trek in Pu Luong:

    Pu Luong is very little visited. So you get trails to plunge into a natural reserve to explore the wild and pristine beauty.

    During your trek, you will discover the culture of the ethnic groups in northern Vietnam by meeting them, participating in daily activities and by spending the nights in their quiet villages.

    Trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Things to remember:

    Trek in Pu Luong is reserved for travelers who have physical condition and sense of discovery; For travelers who can forget the comfort for some days because accommodation is quite simple but clean; Adventurers who want to discover the life of ethnic minorities and to do trek in remote areas.

    Villages can be modified according to your physical condition, your availability ... In case of tiredness, we will order the bike for you on the spot. The length of the trek in Pu Luong can be changed each day based on your needs, physical and climatic condition…

    We have several choices. Please contact us for more free information. In this case, we offer two ‘’difficult'' and easy options of trek in Pu Luong.

    OPTION 1

    Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Pu Luong - Kho Muong Village
    We pick up you in your hotel in Hanoi to go to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. You cross a region of spectacular limestone mountains, climb passes, descend to reach the Mai Chau beautiful valley inhabited by Thai people in peaceful houses on stilts.
    After lunch in a family in the Pom Coong Village, we drive about thirty kilometers to be at the entrance to the nature reserve where we begin our trek in Pu Luong.
    During this 4 hours trek but we can extend or shorten according to your need, we pass through villages like: Ban Pa Ban, Ban Dong Dieng, Ban Pa Kha before arriving in the Ban Kho Muong village nestling in the bottom of mountains and rice fields where we spend the first night with the Muong ethnic group during our trek in Phu Luong.

    trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Day 2: Kho Muong - Cao Hoong
    After breakfast served in the family, we begin our trek in Pu Luong to Ban Kho Muong Valley. Today, the trek takes about 6 hours. Then we are in the mountains. We cross a small pass.
    We go down the middle of a remote valley with a few houses and rice fields of Ban Pon village. We arrive in the Ban Thanh Cong village where we have lunch at a family before a nap.
    In the afternoon, we take the trail in mountainside to reach the small village of Ban Kit. Inhabited by Thai people, Ban Kit is known for its beautiful houses on stilts and its typical roofs covered with palm leaves. We arrive in the village of Ban Cao Hoong to spend the night in the middle of Pu Luong.

    Day 3: Cao Hoong - Hieu
    Today, our trek in Pu Luong begins with gentle ascensions and soft descents for about 6 hours through the beautiful landscape, the green countryside, the rice terraces and picturesque villages such as Ban Nua, Ban Bo, Ban Hin, Ban Trinh, Ban Cao, Ban Doc before arriving in the village of Ban Hieu located on a hill where you can admire the beautiful view of rice fields, distant mountains…We cannot miss a swim in the waterfall of the Ban Hieu village if we can. It will be a pleasant experience when trek in Pu Luong.

    trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Day 4: Hieu - Pho Doan - Hanoi
    Our trek in Pu Luong continues by arriving in the Ma River on the other side of the village of Ban Doc. After 2 hours of walking, we reach the town of Pho Doan where we can meet a local market.
    Then we walk along the Ma River. You have a beautiful view of the river, rice paddies, water wheels ... before meeting our driver to return to Hanoi or to another destination... Your beautiful trek in Pu Luong ends!

    Option 2

    This option of trek in Pu Luong is for travelers who have little time and do not want to walk for longtime. Of course, if you are tired, we can call the car or bike for you.
    But you still have the opportunity to meet local people in small villages, landscape of terraced rice fields, valleys ... To provide you maximum comfort, we offer the night in the mountain hut: Pu Luong Reatreat: http://puluongretreat.com

    Day 1: Hanoi – Lung Van - Pu luong Retreat
    To start our trek in Pu Luong, we pick up you in your hotel in Hanoi to go to the village of Lung Van. Upon arrival, visit the Lung Van village. You arrive in the Son village where you visit it on foot.
    You take the room around noon. After lunch, your trek in Pu Luong begins with 3 km walk or we can rent the bike for you. Or we take the car for 12km before a 3 km walk. Overnight in Pu Luong Retreat.

    trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam

    Day 2: Visit villages like Don - Uoi - Lan Ngoai
    After breakfast, a 3hours leisurely stroll to reach the Don village known by its magnificent terraced rice fields. You cross the Uoi village, walk along a water source to the village of Lan Ngoai.
    Lan Ngoai village is one of the most beautiful that you meet during the trek in Pu Luong. With more than 150 families of Thai people, traditional values ​​are well preserved: architecture, weaving ... You come back to Pu Luong Retreat to rest.
    You take the car for 8km before 2 km walk to visit the village of Kho Muong which is one of the best known in Pu Luong. After Kho Muong, you are transferred to Hanoi. Your beautiful trek in Pu Luong in Vietnam ends.

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