• Myanmar Travel in 14 days: Admiration of sunset in Bagan, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, fishermen in Inle Lake, free time under the sun on Ngapali Beach...

Myanmar Travel in 14 days

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    Myanmar Travel in 14 days: Admiration of sunset in Bagan, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, fishermen in Inle Lake, free time under the sun on Ngapali Beach...is the experiences visitors should have to try while visiting Myanmar.

    But that would not be enough. We offer this Myanmar travel in 14 days also for the meeting of many ethnic groups in the heart of the Golden Triangle and in remote areas of the country.

    Myanmar Travel in 14 days

    Yangon: The largest city in Myanmar still retains classic and traditional charms. When visiting this city, visitors should discover Bogyoke Aung San Market, Shwedago Pagoda ... and enjoy fine local dishes on the sidewalk. Yangon is the gateway to Myanmar with direct flights to major Asian cities

    Shan Mountain is known for the beautiful scenery, the mild climate and the ethnic groups living there. The Shan Plateau is a common name for a mountainous region, with hills and plateaus at the foot of the Himalayas, covering the border between Yunnan Province (China), Shan State (Myanmar) and Thailand.

    Loikaw, the capital of Kayah State, is full of pagodas, temples, stupas, caves, sacred landmarks of Buddhism, the predominant faith of the majority of the population. These sites also provide interesting information on the long history, culture, architecture, literature... of Myanmar. In Loikaw, we will not miss Sagar built in 1479 which is a royal capital in ruins with old monasteries, pagodas, meeting of the local ethnic people...The interests here: Unusual discoveries, cruises, meeting ethnic groups, walking...make your Myanmar travel in 14 days different from all the others. 

    Myanmar travel

    Inle Lake: At more than 800m above sea level, Inle is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar so the climate is cool all year round. With the privileges of nature, the landscapes are so poetic and charming. If you do not go to Inle Lake, your Myanmar travel would not be perfect.

    Golden Triangle: This is a mountainous region located between Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. This region is famous for being the largest opium producer in the world. But today, the cultivation of opium is ceded to ecotourism with green vegetation all year round. Here, we offer walks to meet ethnic groups, discover nature...

    Mandalay: This is the last capital of Myanmar, located 700 km north of Yangon, between the Ayeyarwaddy River and the Shan Plateau. Mandalay is considered the cultural center of Myanmar, a city of craftsmen and a bustling commercial center. In addition to the royal palace and religious buildings, visitors cannot ignore Amarapura, Mingun, Inwa and Mandalay Sagaing.

    Myanmar travel

    Bagan: While talking about Myanmar travel, travelers should think about Bagan, the capital of the first dynasty, built by King Anawrahta in 1044. Bagan has more than 2,000 temples and stupas spread over an area of ​​42 square kilometers on the shore east of the Ayeyarwaddy River. These works were built from the 9th to the 13th century with beautiful sophisticated sculptures detailing the typical Burmese culture.

    Prepare this unique Myanmar travel in 14 days from your space!

    Day 1: Yangon - Arrival:
    Meet your guide on arrival at Yangon airport to begin your Myanmar travel in 14 days. Yangon city tour depending on your rhythm, the flight schedule...: A stroll in the Chinese and Indian streets in the center to plunge into the local atmosphere, exotic colors...Without missing a visit to the golden Sule Pagoda aged of two thousand years. Visit the colonial quarters: Old post office, famous Strand hotel before the admiration of the majestic Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset, one of the most memerable moment during travel in Myanmar. This ancient pagoda, one of the most sacred places of Buddhism in Myanmar. Overnight in Yangon.

    Myanmar Travel

    Day 2: Yangon - Shan Mountains:
    After breakfast, continue your exploration of Yangon, the former Myanmar capital before being replaced by current Naypyidaw: Chauk HtetGyi pagoda having a gigantic reclining Buddha. Walk in Bogyoke market before the flight to Heho airport. Upon arrival, 2 hours transfer by road to Pindaya to visit the Pindaya sacred cave having more than 8000 Buddha statues of different periods.  2 hours transfer by road to Kalaw: a small climatic station of the country. Overnight in Kalaw – A little known destination of Myanmar travel.

    Day 3: Kalaw - Meeting of the Padaung tribe:
    After breakfast, 5 hours drive to Loikaw town located in the Kaya State. The afternoon is reserved for visiting the city and the pagoda from the center offering a beautiful view of the surroundings. Explore the daily life in the heart of village of the Padaung tribe: women still wear their spiral collars in their long neck like a millennial tradition. Walk to the local market if you still have time. Overnight in Loikaw. These days make your Myanmar travel in 14 days different from all the others.

    Myanmar travel in 14 days

    Day 4: Loikaw - Cruise to Sagar:
    After breakfast, boat excursion in 2h to Sagar in the heart of the Shan State. Arrival in Sagar, a little visited archaeological site that was flooded in the middle of the twentieth century. In the afternoon, boat trips to the Maw Bi site little visited. Discover many villages of the Shan ethnic groups: Pa-ohs, Inthas in villages of houses on stilts. You meet fishermen rowing boats by feet but standing. Overnight in Nyaungshwe, gateway to Inle Lake.

    Day 5: Nyaungshwe - Inle Lake:
    After breakfast, explore the beautiful Inle Lake, which is essential during Myanmar travel. Boat trip with stops at villages to observe the lifestyle of Inthas - an ethnic group having extraordinary fishing techniques. Stop at the local market at the village of Indein, you start an easy walk to the archaeological site consisting of a hundred pagodas dating from the 15th century. Stop in the village of weavers, floating gardens, Phaungdawoo pagoda and Ngaphe Chaung monastery. Overnight at Inle Lake, one of the essential destination while Myanmar travel to discover fluvial culture.

    Myanmar travel

    Day 6: Inle Lake – Golden Triangle:
    Free time to continue your exploration of the Lake Inle until transfer to Heho airport for the flight to Kengtung (Kyaingtong), east of Myanmar. On arrival, meeting of ethnic groups: Akha, Wa, Lisu, Ann in their traditional costumes. Visit the DhatZunDoi stupa. Overnight Kengtong. This option tour is ideal while Myanmar travel, above all for adventurers.

    Day 7: Kengtong - Meeting of the high mountain tribes:
    After breakfast, visit the local market, the market for buffalo before your day of trekking in the meeting of ethnic minorities: Pang Pack Lahu, Wa, Palaung....Overnight Kengtong.

    Day 8: Kengtong - villages of Palaung and Lahu peoples:
    After breakfast, you continue your trek to meet many ethnic minorities: Palaung, Black Lahu, Red Lahu…Overnight Kengtong.

    Myanmar travel

    Day 9: Kengtong – Trek to the villages of the Akha and Ann ethnic groups:
    After breakfast, morning trek to get to the Kat Pauk and Pin Tauk villages to meet Ann and Akha ethnic groups. In the afternoon, transfer to the Kengtong airport for flight to Mandalay: the last royal capital of Myanmar. Overnight in Mandalay, one of the most popular destinations while Myanmar travel.

    Day 10: Mingun - Treasures of Mingun and Ava:
    After breakfast, discover the main monuments of the Mandalay city: The venerable Mahamuni Buddha or an important place of pilgrimage, Kuthodaw Pagoda built in 1857 surrounded by 729 stupas with a collection of Buddhist texts founders. Stop at a traditional workshop of gold leaf, the Ava former city, Maha AungmyayBonzan and Bagaya monasteries. In early afternoon, boat trip to Mingun, one of the ancient capitals of Myanmar:  you visit Pondawphaya and Settawya pagodas, unfinished Mingun Pagoda, the Mantaragyi pagoda if want. Visit Mingun bell of 101 tones: the largest intact bell in the world before the admiration of the sunset from Mandalay Hill. Overnight in Mandalay.

    Myanmar travel

    Day 11: Mandalay:
    After breakfast, we continue Myanmar travel by explore the last royal capital of Myanmar: Mandalay City;  Venerable Mahamuni Buddha known as an important pilgrimage site in Myanmar. Without missing the Kyaukdawgyi pagoda where you will see a statue of Buddha carved from a single block of marble. The magnificent Shwenandaw monastery in teak or the only remnant of the royal palace after war. Kuthodaw pagoda built in 1857, surrounded by 729 stupas having a collection of Buddhist founding texts known as the world's largest book. Stop in a traditional workshop of gold leaf, a specialty of Myanmar. By late afternoon, flight from Mandalay to Nyaung U. Upon arrival, transfer to Bagan. Overnight in Bagan, one of the most interesting sites during Myanmar travel.

    Myanmar travel

    Day 12: Bagan Pagodas:
    Option: Balloon to admire Bagan. Visit Nyaung U, a charming local market. Discovery of Bagan, incredible archaeological site consisting of thousands of pagodas extending to the horizon in the Irrawaddy eastern plains, the longest river of Myanmar. Shwezigon Pagoda built from 1059 with the magnificent golden stupa. KyansithaUmin, a tunnel decorated with murals created in the 12th century. GyuByaukKyi Temple. The Buddhist sanctuaries are one of the specialties of Myanmar travel. The ruins of the Royal Palace and the Tharabar gate, Ananda temple built in 1091 with 4 huge statues of Buddhas considered as the masterpiece of the Myanmar architecture. Ananda Okkyaung Monastery in brick having beautiful murals. Stop in the lacquer workshop to learn the traditional techniques of making lacquer in Bagan. Thatbyinnyu Temple of 61 meters high, the highest of Bagan. Overnight in Bagan.

    Myanmar travel in 14 days

    Day 13: Bagan - The Monuments of Myinkaba – Yangon:
    Option to enjoy the beautiful Bagan – One of specialty of Myanmar travel: You can rent bikes or carriages to ride between the temples, pagodas of the plain. Discover your own rhythm, your taste: Gawdawpalin temple which has two floors with several terraces. It is the second highest of Bagan, after Thatbyinnyu Temple. Manuha Temple of style of the Mon people. Myinkaba-Gubaukkyi Temple with its beautiful murals. Nanpaya square temple in brick built in the 11th century. Nagayon Temple consisting of three sloping terraces and with a Sikhara on top, a tower-sanctuary. In the afternoon, transfer to Nyaug U airport for flight to Yangon. Free time on arrival. Overnight Yangon.

    Day 14: Yangon - Departure of Myanmar:
    Enjoy the last time of your great adventure before transfer to Yangon airport for the flight to the country. End of unique Myanmar travel in 14 days.

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