• Bagan balloon tour is the rare product to hunt unique images during the trip in Myanmar...

Bagan balloon tour

    Bagan balloon tour: Bagan is one of the most attractive destinations of Myanmar travel. This land has a rich history and is home of thousands of Buddhist temples. In order to fully enjoy the beauty of Bagan, nothing is better than sitting in a balloon. From there, visitors have the opportunity to contemplate the majestic beauty of the temples of Bagan. Certainly, you will be amazed by the enchanting beauty of Bagan balloon tour.

    Bagan balloon tour

    Why Bagan balloon tour?

    Bagan is a city located in the central region of Myanmar. It was once the capital of the Pagan kingdom that lasted from the ninth century to the thirteenth century. This city is considered to be the most concentrated site of the most famous temples of Myanmar, with more than 2000 temples which are the main interest of this magical land. With a balloon ride, you will have the opportunity to admire temples such as: Ananda Phaya is the best preserved and most intact temple; Dhamma Yangyi is one of the largest temples in the region and has a pyramidal architecture; Shwesandaw is the best place to admire the sunset or the sunrise...It is only with Bagan balloon tour that you have the most perfect images of this holy land.

    The Bagan balloon tour is the rare product to hunt unique images during the trip in Myanmar. This ancient capital of this mysterious country attracts visitors with the beauty of century-old and millennial temples. However, the best way to discover and feel the beauty of this land is to use the balloon. By flying several hundred meters high, Bagan is reduced to the eyes of visitors. You will have a feeling difficult to describe while flying over thousands of antique temples. At dawn, dusk or other times of the day, visitors always have the chance to discover its own beauty. The Bagan balloon tour will be the best experience during the mystical Myanmar adventure.

    Bagan balloon tour

    Balloon in Bagan at dawn is considered one of the specialties of this land, a nice touch to the natural image of this region. Then, when the first rays of dawn begin to appear in the initial mist, thousands of towers of the temples awaken from the dark night, seeming to be interminable over thousands of trees and fog of the vast plain. Bagan has a very unique primitive light. Maybe it's a mix of the beauty of the sun, thousands of temple’s towers, morning fog, red plain and balloon?

    Release the soul next to the old towers in the cool air, under the morning mist to watch the dawn of Bagan! You will see that the old capital is so vast and fairy. You will be there, on the thousands of towers, to hear an invisible light flow in your heart, peace and happiness. You are going to realize that, right now, you have fallen in love with Bagan!

    The morning is the most appropriate time for the Bagan balloon tour because the clear morning scene will make visitors feel "lost" in the fairy tale of legend. Each trip of the Bagan balloon tour usually lasts one hour. After the balloon is inflated, you climb into the rattan basket to start your poetic journey in the air.

    Under your balloon, thousands of towers dating from the 11th century rise in the vast plain of Bagan, the ancient city at the edge of the famous Irrawaddy River. The golden, red ceilings of towers, temples stand out against the dark blue trees. In the distance, the banks of the Irrawaddy River are gentle with sandy beaches stretching until distant mountains seemingly interminable...

    Source: Guide du Vietnam - Bagan balloon tour

    Program of Bagan ballon tour

    The morning will start off with an exciting hot-air balloon ride above the Bagan countryside. You will observe one-of-a-kind views when the sun begins to rise over the Irrawaddy River and various stupas in the region. You’re simply not going to find many other opportunities like this on Earth. (Only available from October/November through March).

    Bagan ballon tour

    All passengers receive:

    Complimentary pick up from your hotel or guest house in one of our converted antique buses.

    Pre flight coffee tea and refreshments while our dedicated crew inflate your balloon

    Detailed passenger safety briefing by your pilot

    Light Champagne breakfast, fruits and pastries upon landing

    Flight certificate award before we return you to your hotel or guest house

    Bagan ballon tour schedule: The following itinerary is an example of what you may experience with ballooning, but times and locations will be confirmed the night before your flight.

    05.30 – 06.00: To start Bagan ballon tour, we will collect you from your hotel in a comfortable car or minibus.

    06.00 – 06.15: You’ll meet your pilot, and enjoy pre-flight tea, coffee and pastries. You’ll be given a safety briefing.

    06.15 – 06.30: Watch as the balloons are prepared by the trained crew and inflated by the experienced British pilots.

    06.30 – 06.45: All aboard! Climb into the basket and prepare for take off!

    06.45 – 07.30: Enjoy the amazing experience of floating over this amazing historical area with its temples, stupas and other beautiful sights.

    07.30 – 08.00: Celebrate your safe return to earth with a drink of chilled sparkling wine, served with fruit. Receive your personal flight certificate, signed by your pilot.

    08.00 – 08.30: Return to your hotel in time for breakfast. Your amazing Bagan ballon tour end!

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