• Angkor temples helicopter tours are certainly a wonderful experience not to be missed to enjoy one of the most splendid World Heritage...

Angkor temples helicopter tours

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    Angkor temples helicopter tours: During the travel in Cambodia to explore the famous temples in Angkor, visitors also have a choice of luxury services: It is to rent a helicopter to fly to admire the Angkor temples from the altitude.

    Particularity of the Angkor temples helicopter tours:

    The helicopter service to visit the Angkor temples is available in two forms: your schedule rental and regular flights. With schedule allocation, you can plan your route as you wish. In the form of regular flights, Guide du Vietnam offers you available options at the respective rates, mainly trips on Angkor temples in Siem Reap.

    Angkor temples helicopter tours

    With the quite reasonable price, Angkor temples helicopter tours to enjoy one of the most splendid World Heritage are not unrealistic. You can have unforgettable memories of Angkor temples thanks to Eurocopter AS350 B2 helicopters with a capacity of 5 passengers, to have completely different looks from the usual way. For explorers who are passionate about photography, Angkor temples helicopter tours are certainly a wonderful experience not to be missed.

    Among the wonders that await you in Cambodia, the Angkor temples are certainly the most splendid places. But there are already many ways to discover this patrimony: Elephant ride, bike, tuk-tuk ... Why do not you want to admire this wonder from the height? Let's take the air route to discover this majestic place to have a completely different point of view. You will be able to enjoy a completely different landscape, a unique panorama ...with our Angkor temples helicopter tours.

    Flying over Angkor in a helicopter is one of the most exciting and truly breathtaking ways to visualize the beauty of the temples classified by UNESCO as World Heritage and at the same time, this is the greatest attraction Cambodia. With extraordinary values, Angkor temples are also present on the national flag of the country.

    Angkor temples helicopter tours

    The towers, the minarets, the beautiful gardens, the intricate designs on the walls... are clearly visible from the air. It takes several days to see everything and the Angkor temples helicopter tours allow you to see the series of five towers that culminate in an impressive central tower, which symbolizes the mythical Mount Meru ... From the sky, we can see the multitude of ancient temples and the other incredible creations of the ancient Khmer empire. You have the flight to admire the sunrise but also for the sunset. With the affordable cost for all pockets, Angkor temples helicopter tours are available all year round.

    The Angkor temples helicopter tours not only gives you the opportunity to discover or rediscover the buildings of the Great Khmer Empire but also to take advantage of the lush vegetation, the fluvial spaces...that surrounds them. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience above this site which has a different aspect when you fly over. You will love not only the air route on the temples but also on the Tonle Sap Lake with its floating villages...

    It is therefore the most unusual excursion that awaits you. Offer yourself some incredible minutes above the Heritage in the list of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the world by email to: info@guideduvietnam.com to participate in one of the most remarkable explorations in life: Angkor temples helicopter tours.

    Day 1: Siem Reap - Arrival

    To begin the Angkor temples helicopter tours, welcome in Siem Reap by our guide and transfer and installation at the hotel. Then you will enjoy the traditional Khmer massage. All the other services like: dinner, visit...are at your disposal according to your rhythm, your flight of arrival...

    Angkor temples helicopter tours

    Day 2: Angkor temples tours

    Departure from the hotel by private car to explore Angkor Thom temple (Great City), arriving to the south gate of Angkor Thom, you enjoy photos at the entrance of the city with the scene churning the sea of ​​milk. You visit the famous Bayon known by the 54 towers. Each tower has statue of 4 gigantic enigmatic faces.

    You visit Baphuon, the three-storey pyramid, was the great EFEO work, the Royal Palace, the Terrace of the Leper King, a platform that presents several admirable sculpted figures of apsaras. Your visit continues along the Elephants Terrace which greeted the public and to organize the public ceremonies. Then, you also visit the Ta Prohm, the temple invaded by the gigantic roots of the jungle and discovered in 1860 by the French explorer Henri Mouhot.

    In the afternoon, we visit Angkor Wat - the masterpiece of the Great Khmer Empire. With its slender towers and unique bas-reliefs, it is one of the most extraordinary monuments designed by the human being. Compared to all the other temples, Angkor Vat erected in the 12th century in honor of Vishnu is the best known and the most majestic. Dinner with the show of Apsara classified as the Intangible Heritage of the World.

    Note: Angkor temples helicopter tours can be done this day.

    Angkor temples helicopter tours

    Day 3: Angkor temples tours

    Before Angkor temples helicopter tours, you discover the pearl of Khmer people art. So, we leave for the mythical Banteay Srei temple or the Citadel of Women in the secluded countryside. This jewel of pink sandstone contains remarkable carved lintels in incredible state of conservation. On the way back to Siem Reap, we take a break to visit manufacturing the palm sugar, the romantic temple of Bantey Samre, nicknamed "Angkor Wat miniature". 

    In the afternoon, we visit the traditional silk farm where you will discover the whole process of making natural silk: from breeding silkworms to weaving fabrics. You first discover the culture of mulberry and feeding techniques silkworms, cocoons where these small insects produce pure silk, the process of preparation of the wire and dyeing techniques. To end the day, visit Angkor's Scent of spice shops that make Cambodian cuisine famous.

    Note: Angkor temples helicopter tours can be done this day.

    Day 4: Cooking class with unusual activities in the countryside

    Departure from your hotel after breakfast with a trip of about 15 km from Siem Reap to arrive at the local market in Pourk, the meeting place with people to buy vegetables, freshwater fish, meat, spices...These ingredients help you prepare the typical cuisine of Cambodia. Then you visit the floating village of Méchrey which is located about twenty kilometers from Siem Reap on Lake Tonle Sap, taking a road through typical landscapes of Cambodia.

    Angkor temples helicopter tours

    This is an opportunity to observe Cambodian rural life that happens along the water, in the rice fields... You do not miss a walk in the village of Méchrey. It is a real immersion in Cambodian culture with the meeting of the villagers, the discovery of their rhythm of life and their tradition... We go back to a family living in a traditional house where we learn to cook with our hosts. Lunch with this family. It is a simple but typically Khmer meal. We combine Angkor temples tours with discovery of local life.

    Around 15h, we immerse ourselves in the local life by bike or on foot in the heart of the Khmer countryside. Along the way, you will discover colorful pagodas, small markets, meet the children returning from school, the villagers with the help of your guide. During your walk, you will discover aspects of local life through the necessary information to understand lifestyles, social realities and local agricultural activities... before returning to Siem Reap.

    Note: Angkor temples helicopter tours can be done this day.

    Day 5: Siem Reap - Angkor temples helicopter tours:

    After breakfast, enjoy Angkor temples helicopter tours. You admire the ancient temples of the region, the city of Siem Reap...You will be amazed by the architectural beauty and sculpture of the Angkor temples. In the radiant sun through the palm forests, Angkor temples like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon ... appear in a splendid way.

    Angkor temples helicopter tours

    Within a radius of 50 km, the archaeological site of Angkor has hundreds of scattered temples which have months to visit. It was the cultural, political and religious center of the powerful Khmer Empire. Angkor Wat is considered one of Cambodia's most brilliant pearl, even one of the world's most famous ancient architectures created by the ancient Khmer civilization. According to Maurice Glaize, Angkor's conservator in the middle of the 20th century, Angkor temples achieved their classical perfection thanks to the imposing aspects created by the elements of equilibrium and by the precise arrangement of the proportions. It is a work of strength, unity and style. You will understand this comment with our services of Angkor temples helicopter tours.

    Note: This Angkor temples tour can be organized by following your availability, rhythm, taste, need, budget plan…Other services are at your disposal after Angkor temples helicopter tours.

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