Hanoi capital of Vietnam – A vital city

Hanoi - Vital capital of Vietnam

Hanoi capital of Vietnam - a city rich in history and full of vitality is the article of Yip Hilton published in the China Daily 28/7. When I looked in worried way the street to across, I wondered what it was the Hanoi Capital. From what I read online, Hanoi Capital was a simple city and not very lively. Instead, I f[...]

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Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam with Moments Lense

Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam

Halong Bay On Land is a tourist destination at 100 km in the south of the Hanoi capital. The Beforeitsnews website recently introduced an article of a foreign traveler about Halong Bay on Land in Vietnam. In the article, the author having pseudonym: Moments Lense praised the beauty of Halong Bay on L[...]

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Hanoi capital of Vietnam with Llewellyn King

Hanoi capital

Hanoi capital built in 1010 is the city of second importance in Vietnam, after Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, the economic capital of the country. Hanoi capital and its traffic under the eyes of  Llewellyn King: ‘’The traffic in Hanoi capital of Vietnam is a Wonder which impr[...]

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