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Travel in Cambodia: With a large choice of services of Guide du Vietnam, you have the best time to discover its unique cultural heritages in the world, without missing the opportunity to plunge yourself in nature and to meet local people in every place: City, market, countryside…

travel in Cambodia

Located between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia is a country of rare beauty of Angkor ancient temples built the Khmer empire. These masterpieces of Humanity are always marked by the majestic aspects having a central position among the Wonders in the World as: Machu Picchu, the Pyramids, Great Wall...Here are the main reasons to travel in Cambodia:

Travel in Cambodia to explore the unique cultural and historical values:

Classified as World Cultural Heritages, the Angkor temples in Siem reap are destinations not to be missed during travel in Cambodia. This is the set of cultural and historical relics of the great ancient Khmer empire between the 9th and 15th century. Surrounded by dense forest, the Angkor Wat temple is an architectural and cultural masterpiece of the Khmer people, even of the world. Do not miss the experience of the sunset from this amazing temple.

travel in Cambodia

Cambodia is not only known for the spectacular temples of Angkor but also by landscapes, different architectural monuments that visitors cannot ignore: Wat Phnom all quiet on a green hill is the origin of the legend of the Phnom penh capital; the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh or the magnificent symbol of the Cambodia Kingdom are the meeting place of Parliament and king’s home with magnificent and sumptuous gardens; Silver Pagoda is the place where the Cambodia treasures are kept…

Travel in Cambodia to immerse yourself in the life of the Khmer people:

The Khmer occupying 95% of the Cambodian population creates a deep impression to visitors. They are among the friendliest and happiest people that travelers encounter in life. Khmer smile which exists everywhere, like in traditional fairy tales and is also uniqueness of this nation.

Most Cambodians live from agriculture in which the beauty of the landscapes of Cambodia is preserved in an intact way. Travel in Cambodia is the experience in the vast open space of water, rice fields...

Travel in Cambodia

Travel in Cambodia to discover one of the oldest cuisines in the world:

Cambodia is one of the most amazing countries in the world for fans of the Orient cuisine. Cambodian cuisine is influenced by that of neighboring countries, especially India and China but still keeps their own personal, unique impressions…So Cambodia’s cuisine can satisfy easily the most difficult gourmets.

Street food in Cambodia is delicious, varied and fascinating that must be discovered during travel in Cambodia. All travelers will love fried rice, fried noodles… in this country.

Travel in Cambodia: Immerse yourself in the stunning beaches:

If you are looking for quiet and untouched beaches, you must choose Cambodia. From the Phnom Penh capital, you can go to Sihanoukville before taking boat to beaches which are very quiet with white sand and blue water as real paradises.

Travel in Cambodia

Travel in Cambodia to live in a welcoming country:

In recent years, Cambodia is becoming a fashionable destination in Southeast Asia. Moreover architectural masterpieces of Humanity, rural landscapes ... the two following reasons are certainly essential elements for that the travel in Cambodia is increasingly appreciated:

Easy entry:

In reality, the country exempts tourism visa for the several nations. But if you cannot benefit from this exemption, the tourism visa on arrival has really simple procedures. You can contact us for more free details.

Travel in Cambodia


After the terrors in the past, the actual Cambodia is living its peace. This country is no longer witness the political conflict events. All foreign travelers are respected in Cambodia who is also the land of Buddhism. Its populations are gentle and hospitable. Of course, we must be careful with petty theft in major cities. Generally, travelers have no worries about being aggressed while travel in Cambodia...

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