Myanmar Travel

Myanmar travel is to discover a mysterious Buddhist country having thousands of pagodas, stupas...with a rich history and cultural traditions preserved an intact way.

Myanmar travel

Myanmar travel is to live in a sacred, peaceful world of Buddhism:

Located in northwest of the Indochinese peninsula, in recent years, the Myanmar travel is becoming fashionable for travelers having sense of discovery. If Cambodia is known as the "Land of Temples - Towers" or Thailand as the "Land of the Golden Pagodas", Myanmar is known as the "Land of Pagodas". One of the attractions Myanmar travel is the discovery of the pagodas to enjoy peace. Although in recent years, Myanmar has begun to open to tourists, but you'll have the impression to be the first to explore this mysterious country.

As an indispensable destination during travel in Myanmar, Bagan known as "Land of a Thousand Temples" does not keep only the most typical temples in South East Asia but also still mysterious colors, with many sacred and unexpected surprises.

Myanmar travel

At the sunset, the Bagan's landscape gradually changes when the red sun slowly descends from the sky, thousands of towers become purple before disappearing in the shadows. It is an extraordinary landscape without vocabulary to describe that you have chance to explore during Myanmar travel.

Myanmar travel is the return to the Great Mother Nature:

Inle Lake is a unique destination not to be missed while travel in Myanmar. Inle (or Inlay) means in Myanmar language: Grand Lake. Located in Shan State, Inle Lake is the most beautiful place in the world in the spirit of Myanmar people.

Myanmar travel

Inle Lake, a gift of nature to the people of Myanmar, will be more beautiful, more romantic at sunset. In this moment, the air is fresher; the lake surface is calmer, subtly perfumed of incense of pastoral herbs...Last rays of the sun make the sky pinker, lighter... in huge fluvial space.

World of tropical beaches:

Myanmar has a coastline of 2000 km. Most beaches are in the west where visitors have the chance to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. If you have the poetic soul and love the pristine beauty and tranquility, Ngapali beach or the most famous in Myanmar is the most appropriate destination with the unspoiled natural beauty, sparkling white sand under the sunlight. Besides swimming, exploring the surrounding natural landscape, you can have excursions such as visiting the small fishing villages, local markets or cycling in the countryside.

Myanmar travel

Myanmar travel is to share life with local populations:

The Myanmar is the cradle of the ethnic groups in South - East of Asia. The population of Myanmar is very diverse. The government recognizes 135 different ethnic groups.

If you ask to persons visiting this country: What do you love most during travel in Myanmar? The answer is always: Brilliant golden pagodas and the friendly smile of the local people. You will recognize the friendly gestures in any destination during your Myanmar travel