Why the Vietnamese people have last name Nguyen?

Why the Vietnamese people have last name Nguyen? Everyone must have heard or knows last name Nguyen. On the international scene, this is a sign of Vietnamese origin. But why about 40% of the Vietnamese people have the last name Nguyen?

Why the Vietnamese people have last name Nguyen

On the basis of this ratio, there are 1/3 Vietnamese people having the last name Nguyen. So there are about 90 million people in the world who have the last name Nguyen, in 3th position after the last names Ly and Zhang in China.

The Vietnamese names differ from those of the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese... The Vietnamese surname is divided into three parts: last name – marginal first name - name. Except for the most official cases, people call usually each other only by the name. The last name and first name are usually three letters or four, sometimes two, but more rare (for example, Nguyen Trai).

So why did Nguyen become the biggest family name in Vietnam? There are many historical causes for this phenomenon.

Ancient times: During the Dynasties of the North and South (420 - 589), China was in chaos. Due to lack of livelihood, a part of the Nguyen family living in Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei…in China migrated to Vietnam.

These people having the last name Nguyen were assimilated to the indigenous peoples to create an important part of the Vietnamese people who are called Nguyen. Then, during the Five Dynasties (5 consecutive dynasties dominated China: Hau Luong, Hau Duong, Hau Tan, Hau Han and Hau Chu from 907 to 960), Nguyen people gradually moved to the south of China to increase the number of Vietnamese people having last name Nguyen in Vietnam.

The development of the largest family in Vietnam was also associated with the Tran dynasty. Before the Tran dynasty, it was the reign of the Ly dynasty (1009-1225). Ly dynasty began the reign since Ly Cong Uan was crowned in 1009 until Ly Chieu Hoang was forced to abdicate to give power to Tran Canh in 1225, a total of 216 years.

In the early years of the Tran dynasty, Tran Canh was young. The power was in the hand of his uncle called Tran Thu Do which forced the Vietnamese people carrying the last name Ly to have the last name Nguyen. However, the real intention of Tran Thu Do was to finish the last name Ly so that nobody can remember Ly. The reason why he chose Nguyen to replace Ly is not always clear until now. Maybe it was a random choice?

However, the story narrated simply as follows: "After Tran took power, all Ly people in the country had to carry the last name Nguyen."

One thing even more unimaginable is that changing the name has become a custom of the Vietnamese people in ancient times. Every time, when a new dynasty was replaced, people carrying the name of the previous dynasty took the last name Nguyen. In the history of Vietnam, there have been many events that have increased the number of Vietnamese people having the last name Nguyen.

In 1400, the Ho dynasty replaced the Tran dynasty. King Ho Quy Ly killed several descendants of Tran. Therefore, after the collapse of Ho, the descendants of Ho were called Nguyen having been afraid of revenge.

In 1592, the Mac dynasty ended, the descendants of the Mac family also took the name of Nguyen. When the Nguyen dynasty came to power in 1802, the descendants of Trịnh who were afraid of revenge took the name of Nguyen...

The law of the Nguyen dynasty granted many advantages to the Vietnamese people who had the name of the Nguyen family. The criminals of the dynasty also changed the last name to have Nguyen to avoid being arrested...

As a result of the change of dynasties, the Nguyen family was increasingly numerous to form the Nguyen dynasty, which was also the last feudal dynasty in Vietnamese history.

In the 19th century, when Vietnam became a French colony, for the first time, the French people had the largest census of the population in Vietnam.

During the census, they encountered a big problem: the majority of people in the lower classes had no last name, so there was no way to summarize the statistics.

At that time, how to do? The French people found a solution: The Nguyen dynasty was there. The Vietnamese people without the last name could have the last name Nguyen. Therefore, this last name was extended to larger scale than ever. Although without the French people, Nguyen is also the largest family in Vietnam, but to occupy a large part of 40% of the totality of Vietnamese people today, we cannot ignore the impact of the French people...

Now, you know the reasons why the Vietnamese people have the last name Nguyen.