Visit Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam in 24hours

Visit Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam in 24hours: Hoi An ancient town is located downstream of the Thu Bon River in Quang Nam province and at 30 km in the south of the Danang City in the center of Vietnam.

Between the 17th and 18th century, the Hoi An ancient town was the most prosperous port of international trade in South - East Asia. Today, the Hoi an ancient town, the World Cultural Heritage is an attractive destination during travel Vietnam for all international as local visitors thanks to its antique beauty, gentleness ... If you only have one day here, discover this heritage from the most simples things. Visit of old houses, tasting local specialties, boat excursion on Hoai River, exploring the city at night ... are some of the experiences you can try during your visit Hoi An in 24h.

Visit Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam in 24hours

Visit Hoi An ancient town in the morning:

The getting up of the Hoi An ancient town to prepare a long busy day is the time not to be missed. It would be great if the weather is nice. Under the first rays of the sun, women in conical hats prepare the goods in the market, wait for the return of their husbands to the fish market after a fishing night. The old houses, shops, restaurants ... are still closed and the Hoi an ancient town is still dreamy.

Local bread: If you do not want to have breakfast at the hotel, take the bread of Phuong in 2B of Phan Chu Trinh Street or of Khanh in 135 Tran Cao Van Street with meat, delicious pate, fresh fragrant herbs and aromatic sauce. These addresses are located in the center of Hoi An ancient town.

Hoi An in Vietnam

Sidewalk cafe: Bring bread to local outdoor cafés beside the Hoai River in a peaceful early morning is also an interesting experience that you should try in the Hoi An ancient town. The local inhabitants in Hoi an often drink a cup of coffee on the sidewalk before the bikes are prohibited to enter into the old districts. Ms. Thao coffee next to the Japanese bridge is a good choice.

Visit of the old houses: To learn more about the life and culture of the inhabitants in the Hoi An ancient town, visiting the old houses as Tan Ky, Phung Hung, Quan Thang…are essential. You do not miss also to visit the spiritual and social monuments like: Temple of Guangdong, Fujian pagoda, Japanese covered bridge, Hoi an museum, Temple of the Tran family, Museum of Sa Huynh...

Hoi an ancient town at Noon: try Chicken Fried Rice or cơm gà Hội An in Vietnamese language: The chicken fried rice is one of the gastronomic specialties of the Hoi An ancient town. One of the famous is served in restaurants of Mrs Muoi in 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street.

Visit the Kim bong village of carpenters: Afternoon, take a 30 minute boat trip on Hoai River to go to Kim Bong village opposite the Hoi An ancient town. You can contact with the carpenters who work at the entrance of village.

Hoi An in Vietnam

We offer the discovery of rural life by making a bike or scooter ride between houses surrounded by rice fields, rivers.... You'll stop to contact with very hospitable villagers, discover traditional professions: basketry, weaving mats...

Cua Dai Beach: The beautiful Cua Dai Beach is at 5km from the Hoi an ancient town. You can rent a bicycle or motorbike to relax on the white sand under the coconut trees...

Hoi an ancient town - Discover the nightlife: 

Dinner: Taste Cao Lau, a typical dish of the Hoi An ancient town. This dish consists of yellow rice noodles mixed with roast pork, perfumed herbs in fragrant broth: A simple but tasty dish.

Walk in the old town: Walk through the Hoi An ancient town overnight: You will plunge into the exciting activities such as boat trip on Hoai River, release illuminated lanterns on the river, participate in Bai choi folk show, buy souvenirs...

If you are in the Hoi An ancient town in the night of the 14th day of the lunar month, the whole city will turn off electric lights to light the lanterns. The city becomes so magical. If not, for other days, visit the Lanterns street in another side of the Hoai River.

Hoi An in Vietnam

The Hoi An ancient town is the most beautiful at night when it is not busy, or the shops are closed. The old houses stand side by side in silence. You believe to be in the 17th century. You will have the impression that the old town has not changed for hundreds of years. The houses become more beautiful but full of meditation. In the ancient streets at night in the Hoi An ancient town at this time, you will meet yourself, you are in front of yourself to return to the nostalgia, find beautiful childhood memories in a strange but at once familiar land.

Maybe, your day ends with a bit of tiredness, because there are so many places to discover in this so charming World Cultural Heritage. But it will be a day filled with memorable experiences: Visit Hoi An ancient town in 24h.