Vietnamese women in the eyes of an American

Vietnamese women are as beautiful as goddesses. Even when they wear simple nightwear on the road, they are always beautiful. This is the opinion of an American woman about Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese women

Before coming to Vietnam, Rebekah Voss had the impression that Vietnamese and Asian women generally have a genetic advantage. Most women in Vietnam, at birth, have what Western women want: slim and small body, straight and smooth hair, chestnut colored skin... They do not gain weight and do not age. "They are as beautiful as the goddesses, and when they wear just nightwear on the road, they are always beautiful," Rebekah wrote in The Happy Passport about Vietnamese women.

After spending four months living and discovering Vietnam, the adventurer Rebekah Voss recognizes that Vietnamese women must also have a lot of efforts to maintain a slim body. According to her, here are seven reasons for that Vietnamese women can "eat without getting fat", "to be young without being old”...

Vietnamese women do not eat wheat: Vietnamese eat white rice every day. They rarely eat wheat or other nuts. Even vermicelli, noodles, cakes in Vietnam... are made from white rice. A regular meal usually includes fish or meat (mainly pork), vegetables and vegetable soup. The women here do not use bread or pasta, few fried dishes, few dishes cooked in the microwave oven...

Vietnamese women take little sweet dessert: One day, Rebekah decided to reward herself with an ice cream while swimming. Instead, the seller gave her something to try with the jelly, not the cream she intended to buy.

Vietnamese women

Traditional Vietnamese desserts are usually naturally sweetened with coconut milk, peanuts, fruits and even green beans... Rebekah has already tested green tea jelly. The American adventurer found it formidable. Vietnamese women also eat a lot of fruits, but also acidic fruits but not always sweet fruits...

Vietnamese women do not drink beer: After three months in Vietnam, Rebekah found that women here do not drink beer. Alcohol, beer, cigarettes... are considered by the Vietnamese people as "the history of men". So, thanks to traditional culture, Vietnamese women do not have a ‘’beer belly’’.

Vietnamese women enjoy physical activity: Vietnamese people love going to the beach and having fun in the water even though many people do not know how to swim. They like to do sports every day, aerobics, yoga... Vietnamese women like to go out and exercise early in the morning or late afternoon.

Vietnamese women enjoy playing with children: Phuong, the house owner of Rebekah in Vietnam, manages a hotel and works up to 60 hours a week. But when she returns home, she does not hesitate to play with her two children on the floor. They play, dance, sing and laugh. Time for the family is the number one priority. Rebekah predicts that the calories burned during her games with the kids are enough to keep a slim body, like those of women who exercise.

Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women eat with science: They eat slowly. We cannot eat rapidly the dishes here because it’s always well packaged, well cut, served with care... Vietnamese people rarely use canned goods, frozen products, but rather fresh foods. For each meal, they spend half of the time cooking, the other half to eat. So, there is so less food in the belly.

Vietnamese women are hard-working: they are very resourceful. Phuong goes to the office and returns home several times a day. She takes her children to school, then comes back to work... She goes to the market once a day, often at the end of the day.

Many people can say: "I run all day but am still fat?” But Rebekah said the difference is that Vietnamese women do everything with happiness.

"If I have to go to 87 places for a day, I'll be nervous and grumble but Phuong runs quietly all day without any problem. Because Phuong and many other Vietnamese women, they are not jealous. Westerners have the secret belief that it is not worth doing everything in the family ''. Rebekah shared.

The American adventurer believes that women here do not think they should not work hard. On the contrary, they expect it and accept it naturally. For this reason, life goes on in such a way that makes Vietnamese women healthy and happy.