Vietnamese Pho soup recipe

Vietnamese Pho soup Recipe: Vietnamese Pho soup is a traditional dish in this country. Vietnamese people can eat soup all day but this dish is often reserved for breakfast. This dish has been added to the list of the best street dishes in Asia.

Although the origin of Pho is still a controversy but it would not be perfect if you do not take a bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup during your stay in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Here is the Vietnamese Pho soup recipe:

Vietnamese Pho soup recipe

Vietnamese Pho soup can be served with chicken but usually with beef. To have good soup, broth plays the most important role. You must prepare well the ingredients because sometimes, if you miss only one ingredient, Pho loses its taste which must exist. The broth must have ribs, cow's tail (or cow bones). In addition, we must have absolutely spices such as cinnamon, anise, create a very unique flavor to the Pho soup. You can put a piece of sugar cane in the saucepan of broth. The sweet cane is sweetly sweetened so that the Vietnamese Pho soup has its own unique taste.

The ingredients for the Vietnamese Pho soup recipe:

0.5 kg cow's tail or cow's bones (ribs, legs ...)

0.5 kg beef - the part of thigh. We have to take a little beef from the belly part.

1 onion, 5 dried shallots

1 teaspoon of coriander seeds

1 cardamom, 2 anis, 1 small stick of cinnamon, ginger

2 pieces of sweet cane (each has a length of about 10 cm long)


Chives, well chopped coriander

Fresh noodles of rice

We start the recipe for Vietnamese Pho soup:

Step 1: To reduce the smell of bones, we put it in normal salted water for about 30 minutes. Then we remove it from the water and rinse it with normal water.

Step 2: We grill ingredients to prepare the dish: onion, dried shallots, ginger and sugar cane so that these ingredients will create flavors to broth of Pho soup. Ginger and shallots are crushed but onion has to be cut into four parts.

Then, cinnamon, anise and cardamom are roasted in a pan with the soft fire. When you smell the fragrance, you put them all in a well-closed fabric bag. When grilling, do not allow the fire to be strong to avoid burning these spices.

Step 3: Put the bones in the pot by filling it with normal water before lighting the fire to boil. We have to boil it for about 2 minutes. The broth is thrown to wash the bones well to avoid the moss and black chips so that the broth of Pho soup is transparent.

We put washed bones again into the pot by pouring normal water over it. We light the fire. When the broth is boiling, we decrease the heat for that the broth is boiled gently. We must continue to remove the foam. We start to put the beef (the part of thigh and belly) and the spices: onion, dried shallots, ginger, the little bag of roasted spices, salt...into the broth.  The nuoc mam or Vietnamese fish sauce is not used because this sauce can reduce the aroma of the other ingredients in the broth of Pho soup. The Vietnamese Pho soup broth should be boiled for at least about two hours.

To have the bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup, we cut the chives vertically (Parts near the root) but finely chop the leaves. We must also chop well the coriander. The noodles are quickly soaked in hot water before putting it in a bowl. We cut beef cooked in the broth (the part of thigh and belly) into thin slices. We prepare raw beef cut into thin slices (beef is sliced ​​very thinly by mixing with salt and ginger for about 30 minutes). This raw beef is cooked quickly (if you like the rare meat) in the broth of Pho soup with a ladle.

A bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup is about to appear! Firstly, we put noodles in bowl. We put cooked meat on the noodles. We put chives (leaves and parts near the root) and coriander before pouring the broth into the bowl. So, we have a bowl of traditional Pho soup. Noodles must not be so soft or so hard. Transparent broth is naturally fat and tasty. The beef is impregnated with prepared spices. It's not easy to refuse it! The gourmet adepts cannot deny this Vietnamese Pho soup recipe.

We should pay attention to the following things:

In order for the Vietnamese Pho soup broth to have a delicious and special taste, we should have the fresh roots of coriander. If you do not find it, you can use the seeds (fresh or dried) of coriander.

Sugarcane gives a special taste to broth. If sugar cane is not available, white radish can also be used. With 1 kg of bone, about 200 - 300 grams of white radish are used.

In the bowl of Pho soup, we can put the well cooked and rare beef at the same time. We can also use only well – cooked or rare beef. For cooked beef, we use the belly and thigh part of the cow. The beef is cooked in the broth. For rare beef, tenderloin is used because the meat is soft and quick to cook but keeping it softness.

Before eating Pho soup, you quickly soak the noodles with boiling water. We can put a spoon of soaked garlic in vinegar, a spoon of vinegar, some drops of lemon, and some perfumed herbs into soup…

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