Thac Ba lake in Vietnam - Ecotourism destination

Thac Ba lake is a community tourism destination during travel in Vietnam. Regarded as one of the largest artificial lakes in the country, Thac Ba lake was created in the middle of the mountain during the construction of electrical dam in 1970.

Some main informations of Thac Ba lake:

Created on the Chay River, the area of Thac Ba Lake is 24 300 hectares, of which the water surface is about 20,000 hectares and the rest is the islands. The length of Thac ba lake is 80 km which contains between 3 to 4 thousands million m3 of water and the depth of 46-58 m on average.

Thac Ba lake in Vietnam

Main attraction of tourism in Thac Ba lake:

In the middle of the mountain, the climate of Thac Ba lake is so fresh among the big surface of shimmering water reflecting a thousand islands seeming to be interminable. Furthermore the natural landscape, Thac ba lake contributes enormously to protect the environment. The important humidity and annual rainfall from1700mm to 2000 mm make the vegetation very lush, luxuriant…

Regarded as "Halong Bay in the high mountains", one of the attractions of the Thac Ba lake is 1331 islands and islets, forming caves and charming scenery of the mountain. After several hours of strolling on the water, travelers can visit the caves as: Thuy Tien, Xuan Long, Cao Bien Mount…

Among the caves around this lake, Thuy tien should be mentioned which is located about 100 meters deep into the mountain where the authorities of the Yen Bai province worked during the Vietnam War. The Thuy tien cave is also linked to the legend of the beautiful fairies who came to Thac Ba lake for fun, without asking permission of the Emperor of Heaven. By visiting the masterpiece of nature with the system of colored stalactites, cave systems associated with thrilling legends, visitors have the impression of being lost in the legendary world to escape the sorrows of daily life.

Thac Ba lake in Vietnam

In the middle of the generous nature, the human mind will becomes more relaxed. Especially when we observe the simple life of the inhabitants of the lake as the image of a small fishing boat moving on the calm waters, the fisherman putting his traps at the end of the day or a house on stilts leaning on a mountainside...

Thac ba lake with the charm of the pristine beauty awaits your exploration. With the existing potential, Thac Ba lake is the perfect stop for travelers who love the natural landscape in fluvial space.

Community tourism: 

On the Thac Ba lake side, several villages of ethnic groups as: Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan ... live on agriculture. They preserve successfully well their cultural identity. We offer you a night in homestay with the Dao people, in a house on stilt of Vu Linh village.  The comfort is simple but clean. Share a moment of life together with local people will makes the travel in Vietnam enriching and human.

The Ngoi tu village of Vu linh commune in Yen Binh district inhabited mainly by Dao white pants ethnic group, was arranged to accommodate travelers. Here, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in the rhythm of daily life and cultural activities of the indigenous people.

Thac Ba lake in Vietnam

By spending a night in the village to enjoy the local life in maximum, travelers have also the chance to discover the exquisite tastes of traditional dishes of Dao ethnic minority living there like: Rice cooked in bamboo, wild banana flower salad, chicken with sour bamboo shoot, shrimp salad...All these products are made by Dao people living in Thac Ba lake.

Getting thereto Thac Ba lake:

Easily accessible, this ecotourism destination is in the middle of the road between Sapa, Bac Ha market (4h) and Hanoi capital (4h). So if you want to do the trip between Hanoi and Sapa by car and if you don’t worry about the lack of comfort but want to enjoy the charm of local life during adventure in north of Vietnam, Guide du Vietnam offers you a night in Thac Ba lake.