Tet Holiday of a Vietnamese family in the United States

Tet Holiday of a Vietnamese family in the United States: The husband prepares the leaves to pack the cake while his wife makes the pork pie ... The family of Mr. Ta Ngoc Lu lives far from Vietnam but is full of flavor of Tet Holiday.

There is less than a week to have the New Year of the Dog. Despite the work, but Mr. Lu's family, in Cypress City, in Orange County, in California, is still organizing time to prepare for the complete Tet Holiday far from homeland.

Tet Holiday

Mr. Lu has been living in the United States for 36 years and the his last Tet Holiday in Vietnam goes back 20 years, but the Lunar New Year in Lu's spirit is not just an opportunity to finish the old year, but the New Year has become sacred which is the symbol of Vietnamese culture. It is also an opportunity to teach descendants the beautiful traditions of their homeland. The Vietnamese community far from home is becoming closer than ever during the Tet Holiday.

"So, after Thanksgiving and Christmas, we still have plenty of opportunities to continue a good season," Mr. Lu told to VnExpress. "Our ancestors said: January is for fun, February is for play, and March is for the holidays. This is a comic comparison but we also have the opportunity to have fun from the end of November to the end of February! ".

These days, the atmosphere of the Tet Holiday is very active in all Orange Country where Mr. Lu's family lives. The shopping centers are filled with customers. There are all the gastronomic specialties: banh chung, banh tet, jams, dry beef, pork pie... The spring flower market was also opened to welcome visitors...

Mr. Lu's wife is Ms. Vo Lan, a former teacher. During Tet Holiday, she loves to decorate the house with apricot blossoms, peach blossoms and a fruit platter. In fact, the Vietnamese apricot varieties cannot live because of the cold in the United States, Ms. Lan and many other Vietnamese people must use American apricot flowers that have small branches, long petals, instead.

Mr. Lu said: I also take care of young and small apricot to preserve the traditions and memories of my father. Every year, I pick up leaves for these trees while waiting for Tet Holiday.

Ms. Lan has also prepared a lot of delicious dishes for the Tet Holiday such as caramelized shrimp, marinated shallots, marinated onions, pork pie, especially banh chung (square cake of sticky rice) and banh tet (sticky rice cake in the shape of a cylinder) to symbolize the love between men and women.

Lu's family celebrates the Tet Holiday far from homeland but close to their compatriots. On New Year's Day, his wife and two children visit their Vietnamese friends, go to the fair, listen to firecrackers in the sound of drums, play folk games ... Children are eager to receive small and red envelopes for '' Welcome to the New Age ''. The atmosphere of the Tet Holiday covers the space...

Mr. Lu is very happy when his children want to do banh chung, wear ao dai – Vietnamese traditional costume. This is the way of the next generation to preserve the ancestral tradition and to express the pride of Vietnamese culture in America.

"The atmosphere of the Tet Holiday here seems to be more lively compared to my days in Vietnam. Maybe when you're far from home, you find it precious. We need a day to honor the Vietnamese culture for ourselves and for the community. It is a great loss if the Tet Holiday will not exist ... ‘

The Vietnamese Embassy in the United States recently celebrated Tet Holiday with Vietnamese people living in the United States. About 300 people went to the embassy to create a warm atmosphere although it is very cold now in USA.

At the Tet Holiday party, the Vietnamese ambassador in the United States, Mr. Pham Quang Vinh, wished them a happy and prosperous new year. He also shared information on new developments in the country while thanking them for their affection for the homeland, their great contribution to the country's development and the relationship of the global partnership between Vietnam and the United States.

After the ceremony of offering incense to wish a happy new year and prosperity for the country and for the communities, the Vietnamese guests and the embassy participated together in the traditional program of entertainment and the meal in the warm atmosphere Tet Holiday...