Son Doong cave in Vietnam with ambassadors

'' Son Doong cave in Vietnam is very beautiful but easy to be destroyed '' shared the Assistant of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States.

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Son Doong cave in Vietnam

Mr. Tom Malinowski, the Assistant of US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that his trip to the Son Doong cave in the center of Vietnam with other ambassadors is the most memorable experience. He expressed his desire to protect and preserve this natural wonder.

In a message posted on the official Facebook page of the Embassy of the United States in Hanoi, Mr. Tom Malinowski said: I was impressed by the rare, breathtaking and emotional beauty of Son Doong cave or the largest in the world situated in Quang Binh province in the center of Vietnam.

"I just got back from a five-day walk through the majestic Son Doong cave in Vietnam with ambassadors of countries such as: Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, UK, with Mr. Pham Sanh Chau who is the General Secretary of UNESCO in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Miss Duong Truong Thien Ly. This is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Son Doong cave is located in a hidden valley that is only accessible after passing another cave. At each corner of Son Doong cave, we saw images that seem to come from the school of abstract art or to illustrate fantastic stories, contrary to things we believe meet in the real world. "

However, he also expressed his concern for the Son Doong cave which is very '’easy to be damaged.'' He shared: nature took millions of years to form this wonder with every drop of water, every grain of sand ... but human being can instantly ruin it if we don’t not well how to exploit it.

Son Doong cave in Vietnam

He said: "I am very grateful of the Vietnamese people and the authorities of Quang Binh for having maintained the Son Doong cave in its natural state. The sustainable tourism style currently allows the exploitation of the Son Doong cave which is managed by professionals with a deep respect for the environment and local communities by helping to protect the cave and create more jobs for local people”.

According to Mr. Tom Malinowski, the protection of the Son Doong cave is a sustainable development way that brings benefits to Vietnam: "It is not surprising that the Quang Binh tourism began to develop after the discovery Son Doong cave. People from around the world will appreciate Vietnam which is committed to preserve the natural landscape and will visit this place under their eyes. I hope that my descendants may have the opportunity to admire the Son Dong cave which is certainly one of the greatest treasures of Vietnam as I've seen. ".

Mrs. Cecilia Piccioni, the ambassador of Italy, also agreed with the opinion of the assistant of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the US, Mr.Tom Malinowski, by believing that the Quang Binh province must keep the Son Doong cave with great attention. "Italy has 51 heritages listed by UNESCO and the conservation of these heritages is very well done. I think, Vietnam in general and Quang Binh province in particular should have the reference to some models of heritage conservation in my country. I recognize and appreciate the preservation of the Son Doong cave made by the Quang Binh province. "

The expedition to the Son Doong cave or the biggest in the world was organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Committee of UNESCO in Vietnam.

Son Doong cave in Vietnam

The delegation of the expedition happened between 05/11/2016 and 05/16/2016 had the participation of ambassadors of the countries as: Czech Republic, Argentina, Sweden, UK, Italy, and Australia, the assistant of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of United States, the UNESCO representative in Vietnam, Miss Duong Truong Thien Ly and a Vietnamese businessman Dinh Quang Minh.

The badge of the conquest of the Son Doong cave was awarded to expedition members in the evening of 16/5, in hotel Famstay Chay Lap, after returning from the hike where the participants shared emotions after trip. The ambassadors of Australia, England and the Czech Republic ... had the same comments: Son Doong cave has an extraordinary beauty that they had never seen in life. They also said that Quang Binh authorities are preserving Son Doong cave in sustainable and highly professional manner. This is the model that Vietnam would to follow in the development of tourism.

Mrs Camilla Mellander, Ambassador of Sweden, said that: the beauty of the Son Doong cave cannot be imagined. She shared that the last trip of discovery of the Son Doong cave and its experiences would follow her life. But she assessed that other caves like: Toi, Phong Nha…have also the potential for tourism development.

Assistant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States shared that even President Barack Obama would be also jealous, during the official visit of Vietnam, with ambassadors because he could not discover the Son Doong cave in Vietnam between 11/5 and 16 / 5/2016.

Son Doong cave - Some figures:

Son Doong cave was discovered in the center of Vietnam by chance in 1991 by Ho Khanh, a local resident, when he found a shelter against the rain.

Until 2006, when the British Caving Association was here, Ho Khanh told his story. With his leadership, the Association had the first data on the Son Doong cave.

In 2009, the delegation of the British Caving Association led by Howard Limbirt announced the discovery of the Son Doong cave and affirmed: this was the largest in the world.

In 2013, the Guinness Book has announced that the Son Doong cave was the largest in the world.

Dimension of the cave:

Son Doong cave has a width of 150 meters, the height of over 200 meters and length of almost 9 km. Capacity is estimated at 38.5 million cubic meters. But until now, we cannot measure the total length due to the limits of technology. Not only famous for the huge size, but the variety of biodiversity makes the Son Doong cave unique in this world.