Sea bug: scary dish in Vietnam but reserved for the rich

Sea bug, contrary to its ugly aspect, has higher quality than lobster according to the estimate of fishermen in Vietnam. Due to the difficulty of fishing, the limited quantity... so, despite the price of 1.2 to 1.5 million VND or 60 - 70 USD / kg, but it is not easy to buy the sea bug.

The sea bug is assessed by fishermen as one of the rarest species in the world of seafood. This type of seafood with the strange name is naturally caught in the waters of Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Quang Ngai... at center of Vietnam ... There are probably many people who have never heard of sea bug because it is not everyone who has the opportunity to see it and enjoy this ‘’specialty for the rich people".

Sea bug

The sea bug has the same family as shrimps. The legs are muscular. The back is covered by the shell like brown, shiny and slippery armor. As an adult, each sea bug is large, round... The most important characteristic of this species is that the body resembles a gigantic bug on the land. In addition, there are two dense rows of legs with pointed claws... So, the fishermen call it: sea bug.

Living in the very deep places of the ocean, the sea bug is also called "aquatic tank". They can be fished with techniques, special nets…

Most seafood is caught all year round, but the sea bug fishing is seasonal, from March to the end of May in the solar calendar. They are called "bug" but the body weight is enormous, about 1 kg on average. The adult weighs 1.5-1.7 kg, even a large sea bug can weigh up to more than 2 kg.

Previously, sea bug were sold at very low prices. But since the discovery of nutritional and therapeutic functions, the price suddenly increased. But rich people want to taste it for once.

Sea bug

The sea bug fishing is only seasonal. Production is not great. So price depends on time. Normally, between March to April, the price is around 1,700,000 - 1,800,000 VND or 70 - 80 USD / kg. At the end of the season, even with 2,000,000 - 2,500,000 or 100 - 125 USD / kg, it is not easy to find sea bug.

Many fishermen insist: "While talking about the delicacy of seafood, we immediately think of lobster which is considered the king of seafood but the quality of the lobster has a few levels less compared to the sea bug.” To keep the rare taste, the people of the sea simply steam or toast this animal. If you use other ingredients, the sea bug will lose its natural flavor.

The flesh of sea bug is whitish. The taste is fine, exquisite.... The amount of flesh is limited. With a weight of about 0.5 kg, after the preparation, we have only 150 to 250 grams of flesh. However, it really is an unforgettable dish. The local inhabitants in the Quang Ngai province in central Vietnam access the flesh of the sea bug is the best!

After customers choose the sea bug, the cooker immediately puts the animal on the fire. When the fire burns only the first layer of armor, but a strange scent immediately spreads to awaken the senses of each guest. Many gourmets say that the taste is salty, intense, like that of the sun, wind, sea... which infiltrates the shell of the sea bug.

The flesh of the sea bug is completely under the carapace. People dip simply it in salt, pepper... The fishermen confirm: '' If you are lucky to taste it, you will find that the flesh of this kind of seafood is better than lobster or king crab...

At present, in Hanoi, the rich are willing to pay 150 - 200 USD to buy a kg of sea bug.