Prepare your trip

As a guide, let me give you please, some helpful advices before starting your travel in Vietnam. For more details, please send me a mail:

Vaccination: We are rather in sharing everyday life, culture, history … with you. It is difficult for us to understand the vaccination. En reality, it is not compulsory but i suggest you contact the Pasteur Institute:  or your doctor.

Insurance: We play the role as a local tour operator. So you take care of your insurance in your country.

In case of accident, loss of baggage … we can make a stamped statement so that you can prepare easier the formalities for reimbursement with your insurance company.

Customs: Foreigners must fill out the customs declaration when entering into the country at point of entry: Airport, port, border line…


. From more than 7 000 USD in cash, check … applied also to all foreign currency having the equivalent value.

. If you have from 15 000 000 VND – Vietnamese money equivalent to 750 USD or 576 EUR.

. From 300 g of gold, you should leave it at the customs warehouse.

Upon entering the country, you should not pay taxes if you have maximum: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 150g of tobacco, below 1.5 liter of alcohol that does not exceed 300 USD.

It is forbidden to bring: Weapons, bullets, grenades, chemicals, drugs, flammable and combustible materials, firecrackers…

While leaving the country: You must declare if you have more than 300 grams of gold with the permission of the State Bank.

Forbidden to take: Guns, bullets, grenades, chemicals, drugs, flammable and combustible materials, firecrackers, antiques, wild animal, plants, documents concerning national security…

You have the right to go with the unlimited number of souvenirs but with the bill.

Luggage: It should be light. This is not necessary to travel in Vietnam with heavy luggage because laundry services are in almost hotels, guesthouses in the city or countryside. The prices vary between hotels but not expensive in general, compared to being loaded.

But, if you travel in the mountain such as: Sapa, Dong Van, Dalat…between October and March, warm clothes may be required. If you are in the plain of the North (Not in the South) at this moment: A pull over, a jacket are required.

If you miss something, it is very easy to find in Vietnam with cheap prices.

In general, you should have:

. A scarf, a light jacket to protect you from the air conditioning in the train, the plane…

. A small bag carried at belt for important documents: Passport, currency…

. Basic drugs: Against diarrhea (not often), headache…

Pharmacies are everywhere and cheap.

. Ointment anti Mosquito (Presence is also limited. Malaria is controled, except in very remote areas).

. A handbag to put some luggage and kept by your hotel while being absent for few days.

. Tooth past, a torch…In short, if you miss something, it’s easy to find in Vietnam.

Please contact us to allow us to prepare your travel in Vietnam with you.