Pho soup Vietnam in the yes of foreigners

Pho soup Vietnam is a traditional dish of Vietnam and it can be considered as the symbol of the local cuisine. The Pho soup is made in general from: Broth, fresh rice noodles, beef or chicken, onion, cilantro, chives.... But the recipe of its broth that decides the quality of the Pho Soup remains a secret between different cookers.

Pho soup in Vietnam

Pho soup Vietnam in the life of a South Korean cooker: 

When you meet Park Jung Girl for the first time, you do not know his impressions about Vietnam. But you will be surprised because he remembers the 300 famous restaurants of Pho soup in Vietnam in which he ate a thousand times during 3 years of study.

The decision to study in Vietnam was made thanks to the love with Pho soup Vietnam: The capital of Seoul was in a day at the end of the autumn. It was raining all day. In the supermarket of Meyongdong, I met Park Jeong Girl, the boss of the restaurant of Pho soup Vietnam. He was putting rapidly broth in the bowl by smiling. Then he answered my questions in the Korean language. I was confused, but he laughed, apparently the Vietnamese language is also familiar with him? Jeoung Park Girl, a Korean man opened a restaurant of Pho soup Vietnam that is located on the 2nd floor in the Meyongdong shopping center with the name of Psy Pho.

In 1998, when he was 28, during his first visit to Vietnam during his holidays, he joked that "I was a backpacker traveler ''. Also for the first time, a friend leaded him to eat Pho soup Vietnam and he did not understand why the Pho soup Vietnam was so fascinating so. Over a week later, every morning, Park ate this soup. And the story ended there, that was not enough to give to Park the idea of ​​opening a restaurant of Pho soup. He said that: after his return to South Korea, he began to notice some restaurants of Pho soup which were present in his homeland. The idea how to learn to cook Pho soup Vietnam was his reason to study in Vietnam.

Pho soup Vietnam

Park spent 3 years to live and study in Vietnam. He remembered very quickly that he had eaten a thousand times the Pho soup in 300 famous restaurants in Vietnam from north to south.

Park's restaurant has about 15 tables and on the walls, there are a lot of oil paintings with the image of Vietnamese girls wearing the traditional tunic. The tunic, Vietnamese girls are selected by Park to decorate his restaurant.

Park Jeong Girl tasted very carefully the taste of Vietnamese Pho soup in each region, particularly the differences between the Pho in the South and North. During his stay in Vietnam, Park learned the recipe for the soup of the north and south. However, he mixed the flavor of Pho soup Vietnam of two regions and the Korean taste to create his Psy Pho.

A memorable address of Vietnamese cuisine in Seoul: 

This restaurant of Pho soup Vietnam was opened for 6 years and its customers are mainly Koreans and Chinese peoples. "Maybe my restaurant is located in an alley and on the top floor. This is why the Vietnamese people don’t know this address. ''

Park pronunciated very clearly the word "Pho Hanoi '. Maybe, the inspiration of the Pho soup fills his mind. He said he wanted his son continues to developer restaurant. '' But now I'm still young, I'm still doing the Pho soup for everyone to enjoy it''. He shared.

Psy Pho is the mixture of Korean flavor with a little salted cabbage, some bean sprouts as the southern style of Vietnam and the flavor of the Hanoi Pho soup haunting the man 50 years for longtime.

In the expensive center of Seoul, a large bowl of Pho soup Vietnam costs 180,000 VND or 8 USD. This restaurant open from 11:30 to 10:00 p.m. is a unique address for you to enjoy the noodle soup prepared by a Korean chef.

Pho soup Vietnam in the top of the list of 40 dishes in the world which should be tried in life:

The Business Insider page has published a list of 40 delicious dishes of the world we should try once in life. At the beginning of this list, the Pho soup Vietnam with beef has it proud position. So why it became one of the delights of the world? Let's see together what Business Insider said:

'' The Pho soup is a traditional dish of Vietnam. Pho exists in every corner of the city, at every meal. People can eat this kind of soup for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not only the Vietnamese people, many foreign tourists like Pho soup during the travel in Vietnam.

The Pho soup is loved in Vietnam thanks to its delicious broth extracted from bones simmered in a large pot for hours with the combination of many ingredients.

The noodles are thin, a litle firm and a little, soft, whitish... It success is how to mix all materials: Broth, beef, noodles, herbs, spices...

In summer or winter, in the morning breeze of autumn in August or in the spring sunlight, people can eat Pho soup in Vietnam. Every season and every time of the day create the enjoyable aspects to this kind of soup.

Pho soup Vietnam is delicious. But it is not easy to prepare for all cookers. More importantly, the broth is prepared from bone decides the quality of the soup. The meats are beef or chicken. The noodles should be fine and soft. The spices of Pho soup are: shallots, pepper, chilies and garlic in vinegar, anise, lemon grass, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon, ginger…

The broth decides the quality. However, the formula for broths is quite a big secret, even when one can easily find these spices in this country. According to many experts, the Pho soup in Nam Dinh can be easily distinguished with the others although it is prepared from the broth, noodles, same spices…

The people of Nam Dinh can be fully proud of their Pho soup such as the Vietnamese people are proud of their specialty in the word. They also bring this pride to foreign guests. Now the restaurante of Pho soup are no longer strange abroad and quickly attract everyone. ''

Besides the Pho soup Vietnam, there are other dishes that are ranked in the top 40 of this list like: Falafel sandwich (Tel Aviv, Israel), grilled steak (Brooklyn, New York, USA), mixed rice of Paella ( Barcelona, ​​Spain), pizza (Naples, Italy), Taco cake (Los Cabos, Mexico), soup of Shanghai (China), Feijioada (Brazil), sandwich Po'Boys Johnny (New Orleans, Louisiana, States States), Grom ice cream (Italy), Dimsum (Hong Kong, China) ... Each dish brings a distinct culture of his homeland.

During travel Vietnam, Guide du Vietnam offers tasting of this national specialty: Pho soup Vietnam as an aspect of its culture.