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From Snyder Pierre

Dear Long,

Just a short email to tell you our satisfaction about our trip in Vietnam, the hotels, the guides all excellent.

Just a quick note about the menus on the Junks for the lunch we were offered seafood, the evening meal was still seafood but different. The only beef dish was was extremely cooked and hard to chew.

Once again thank you Margo & Pierre

From Robert Labat

Hello Long,

We arrived this morning in Paris. Nicole and me, we were delighted by this trip so exotic. Paris is calm and we had to find our habits to cross the streets. Thank you for this journey that saw the distances and points of interest allowed us to see the essential and especially to note the kindness of Vietnamese people.

The Saigon frenzy that runs the streets and continues to the airport was a surprise. Hanoi seems almost silent.

Nicole has sent your address to her daughter who would like to visit Thailand next year.

See you soon

Best regards

Nicole and Robert

From Colomb Gerard:

Hello to our great guide,

How beautiful was our trip in Vietnam!

On arrival, the cold seized us reminding us that we were in France at the beginning of the winter, that we had to put our t-shirts in the closets and get out of the season clothes. It took us a few days to recover from the jet lag and the trip, but we were all right now. We spent a lot of time reviewing our photos of our trip in Vietnam with you, to send those who are interested in them. We still have a little head in Vietnam.

We thank you for all that you have made us discover in your country: beautiful landscapes, traditions, history, cuisine, Vietnamese character....and also for your good jokes...We would like to make you discover a part of France. You know that you will find many friends here.

Take good care of yourself and your family after this mission.

From the Lombard family

Good evening,

I often think about our trips in Vietnam with you. Bernard and me, we wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2013.

The year has started badly for us, but we hope that it will be better in a few months.

The wonderful memories of our travels in Vietnam help us in difficult times. Know that our house in Bresse is always open for you and for your family.


Maryse and Bernard

From Marinette Tocqueville

We came back after a sacred trip in Vietnam with you.

Thank you for your message, that's it I have the tear in the eye, we have indeed a little trouble to get back in the bath of the "motherland" the scenery we did a great good but we have to take the daily train of life. For my part I resume work today at 12:30.

Time difference was a bit difficult and especially the temperature slightly cooler only 24 degrees difference…

This trip in Vietnam we are not close to forget you have delighted us in the way to tell us your country or ours with all your knowledge as the guide.

With Christophe you make a nice cooperation and we would be delighted to be able to make a new trip with you to the South or Cambodia but it is necessary to rebuild a financial health.


Marinette and Christian

Sophie Ripoteau

Hello Long,

It was beautiful, our trip inVietnam with you!

Many thanks for your email, which allows me to enjoy a little of the warmth of your beautiful country.

I really enjoyed these 15 days, which allowed me to discover a beautiful country, with lovely people, not to mention a very rich history.

The pace of this trip in Vietnam was really well organized: always activities, but quietly, without haste and in a good mood!

I also enjoyed the variety of activities: museums, markets, walks, bathing, parties, cultural or religious discoveries.

I come back very rich meetings, colors, smells, new ways of seeing things...

In short, all this to say that I LOVE these 15 days!

I already look when I could do South Vietnam and Cambodia! It helps to keep up with the workload I find this morning!

Again thank you for everything, this trip inVietnam was simply MAGNIFICENT thanks to Christophe and you!

See you soon!


From Marivone Messenger

Thank you for thinking again of us, even once flown to our homeland as you said during our trip in Vietnam! Here when we arrived, it was a little cold outside and also in our heart!

Good times together!

Yes, you opened us to history, to the culture of your beautiful and warm country and all that with kindness, humor and emotion!

You really are a very good guide and always stay that way.

Thank you very much for everything you gave us!

Looking forward to reading you and do not forget: we will be happy to welcome you whenever you want.


From Elisabeth Henry

Thank you, Long, for your nice message.

I gathered my friends to show them the pictures of our trip in Vietnam, they all want to go to Vietnam and do the same circuit like us...maybe future customers for you and Christophe....!

As a guide, you were able to immerse yourself in your country with the culture, history, cuisine, meeting...of a people so smiling despite the sufferings of the past.

I give you my hand with all my heart.


From Jean Pierre Martiniere

Hello Long,

It's been a week since we returned from this wonderful trip in Vietnam...we still have a foot and a part of the spirit in Vietnam. This trip was for us a very beautiful meeting with the smile and the kindness of the people, the discovery of the streets and very alive districts as well as places in the countryside which recall a little our childhood by the way of life at the very time very simple and very rich. Life surrounded by animals punctuated by the work of the fields and meetings with neighbors to carry out joint work such as harvesting and threshing the harvest.

With regard to the very troubled and very hectic history of Vietnam, it will be necessary for us to get one or more books, because many of your explanations lavished outside or during the visit of the different museums are a little ( see a lot) evaporated!

I met Jean Douget at a friend's house during a wine tasting. Indeed he has his wrist to be maintained, but it does not prevent him from having very physical activities like...the bridge!

Last Saturday, there was also a TV report on Ho Chi Minh City and South Vietnam. There was the super dynamism of youth, the importance taken by studies and streets, as in Hanoi, taken to the assault by motorcycles and scooters.

The success and the feeling of this trip in Vietnam depend for a lot on the Guide... thanks again for your availability, your patience and for the transmission of the passion for your country.

Huguette and Jean-Pierre

From Jacques Blivet

Hello Long,

Thank you for your kind message, I’m sorry to be late to answer you but after a so good travel in Vietnam, the week was difficult to start!

We keep lots of memorable souvenirs of our tour in Vietnam. The Vietnamese people are so affectionate and it gives us the desire to prepare other trips in your lovely country.

We have a week in the bad weather in Bretagne:  Rain all day and never a sun ray!

Thank you for your kindness and cultural wealth that you could give us.

We keep in touch and give you some news.



Annick gives you all her friendship.

From Ghislaine Charbouillot

Thank you again for sharing so well during our trip in Vietnam, your knowledge of Vietnam, your home country; your knowledge of France has dazzled us. You have allowed us to discover this beautiful country with its very dynamic, young and always smiling population.

We arrived in France with another vision hoping to stay as Zen as possible.

We appreciated the perfect organization of this trip in Vietnam, the kindness of the people we met, the food, the landscapes...of a country so far without hatred with the sufferings of the past.

Good luck Long.

From Nicole Delestan

Hello Long,

The return to reality is a bit difficult, thank you again for this trip.

I hope you are finally completely healed, thank you for the photos do you have of Sapa?

The southern part was very interesting but I kept a preference for the North.

Thousand thoughts to you and your whole family

Nicole & Robert

From Jean Paul Loisy

Hi Long,

I hope all is well with you. It's been 3 weeks since we got back and it took us this time to really land. Our nights were long populated by Vietnam and Vietnamese people. I ate so badly in your country that I took 3kg. This is the first time this has happened to me and it took me 3 weeks to get things back on track. As I promised myself, I thought a lot about the Mongs when I sowed my corn!!!

I thought back to your grandfather who fought alongside the French during World War II by reviewing RACHID Bouchareb's film INDIGENES, released in 2006, about the forgotten liberators who were the natives. If you have not seen this movie, look for it, it is somewhere the story of your ancestor...

We had a wonderful adventure during this trip with a real discovery of the inhabitants of this country. Thank you to you for your organization, your attention at all times, your humor and your good mood.

Waiting to see you in France

From Evelyne Marode

Thank you for your message. We had a nice Christmas with the family, without getting drunk because we did not have sake. Ah ah ah !!!!!

We are reserving for New Year's Eve party with friends. Here all is well we talk often about our holidays and you too. How can we forget you? You are a character ...... Didier is on vacation but I work, it is well known, it is always women who work more ......

Benedict is retired, so it's a beautiful life while Sylvie works too. Go big kisses to you and your little family. See you soon.

Didier and Evelyne

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From Patrick Doré

We leave tomorrow morning for Paris and Nantes. We had a great stay in the Mekong Delta and Da Lat.

The driver and guide was very friendly, friendly and very helpful.

We return to France with wonderful memories.

Very cordially,

Patrick and Sylvie Le Doré

From Jean Paul Lebiet

Good evening,

Thank you for your email, I knew I could count on you and offer them a fabulous trip.

I have not had the opportunity to see them again, but I'll give you news as soon as possible.

Here, the life continues with always kinesitherapy sessions for me, one predicts me a year of reeducation and concerning MARTINE everything goes well with a lot of work and regular displacements in Paris.

I say thank you again and see you soon.


From Dominique Garcia

My dear Long,

Thank you for your message ... your room on the junk had to change your dormitory in the mountains ... but was there warmth ??

This week was the best trip I made for the meetings and the generosity of the people ... and we also had the impression of leaving a family member when you left the hotel. Thank you for everything Long

25h trip between the moment we set foot in the taxi in Hanoi and the arrival here ... Marion sleeps anywhere (you saw her miss beautiful landscapes!), But I cannot , and with the time difference, only 3 hours of sleep on arrival ... I am even more to the west than usual, I hope to settle down tonight :), but that beautiful memories

I found without pleasure the gray Parisian ... and my future ex-companion (the problems I was referring! :))

WE loaded ... Marion finds her friends tonight and tomorrow night ... between two she works on his memory, and will stay temporarily during the week at a friend's house (small studio but big heart) to win an hour of travel ... Monday, the return to L'Oréal !!

As for your project, I really hope you can succeed. She is very serious and this idea touches her, you can tell about it, but the market is tense in France and the competition is tough.

I hope that when you come back from Halong Bay you will be able to enjoy some of your family and rest (your sinusitis is better?)

My loving friendships to share with your family