Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc in Vietnam or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island has the colors of cockroach wing, delicious taste, unique aroma...which are necessary and sufficient elements for that this sauce becomes unique.

It is a charismatic specialty, even for those who cannot eat it but by being attracted by the cultural depth of villages over 200 years old specializing in manufacturing Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc.

Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc - A cross-border specialty:

The former ambassador of Vietnam in Egypt, Mr. Nguyen Le Bach, told: Once, he hosted a delegation of foreign officials at a diplomatic dinner, an ambassador asked: Where is the sauce of Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc?

After having tasted it, this ambassador presented this specialty to the guests. Among them, many people who have never tried it used it with the Nem or Vietnamese spring roll during this dinner.

Mr. Nguyen Bach shared: I do not think it is diplomatic behavior. Because the waiters had to bring the sauce of Nuoc Mam of Phu Quoc three times! This fact shows that Phu Quoc's fish sauce or Nuoc Mam is delicious that can "bewitch" even those who cannot take fish sauce.

For Phu Quoc fish sauce manufacturers, it is not surprising: Every day, they witness countless Western travelers who come to discover the manufacture of Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tinh, the president of Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc Association, the owner of the Quoc Duong Nuoc Mam Company, belonging to the "large scale" in the Duong Dong City of Phu Quoc Island, shared: "It is understandable that Phu Quoc's fish sauce or Nuoc Mam is not only delicious, but still flavored and beautiful...

Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

According to Ms. Tinh, one of the reasons for having the good Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc is that the anchovies of '' Soc Tieu '' from Phu Quoc Island have exceptional quality.

Among the anchovy family, Soc Tieu is firm, has more flesh and unique taste. After being caught in the sea, the Nuoc Mam manufacturers ferment them to keep the sweet taste of the fish, especially the color of the fish’s blood ... so that Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc is colored with fish like color of cockroach wing, aromatic, distinctive and tasty.

'' In fact, the nature of Phu Quoc's Nuoc Mam is salty, not sweetened like some brands of fish sauce, but if you put it on the mouth, it will be slightly sweet on the tongue, even in the throat. Ms. Tinh explained.

'' So no preservatives are used, but our Nuoc Mam is always tasty. Under these conditions, the yellow color becomes brighter and the flavor is more exceptional and more interesting with time. "

Timeless values:

With pepper, dog, pearl, Nuoc Mam or fish sauce produced in Phu Quoc Island is the indispensable name in the list of 4 gifts after visiting the Pearl Island. Even when rumor grows that nearly 70% of the fish sauce contains arsenic, Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc sells even more regularly, even creates "fever" because of the number of more important demand than before.

At the workshop of Khai Hoan, each group of tourists carries several crates of Nuoc Mam as the gift. Like most Vietnamese visitors who come here, Ms. Le Thi Nguyet from Dong Thap also bought the fish sauce as a gift.

Directly witnessing the process of producing traditional fish sauce, she was assured by quality and impressed by cultural depth. The barrels to ferment Nuoc Mam are fixed by ropes in rattan bigger than the calves of the adults, the real but at the same time unreal stories of anchovies seem to be a string to tie the steps of the visitors...

Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island

"At first I only intended to visit the workshop. But after the discovery of each stage in my eyes of the production processes of Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc, I cannot resist it... "Mrs. Nguyet shared.

Mr. Pham Phu Hai, President of the Phu Quoc Tourism Association, proudly shared: "In addition to natural benefits such as climate, temperature ...The specific processes and techniques of local inhabitants have created the charms to Nuoc Mam which becomes difficult to resist. We can say otherwise, it is also the culture of the barrels ''.

Mr. Hai said that all Nuoc Mam from Phu Quoc is aged in wooden barrels. It seems to be simple when you hear it for the first time, but it's actually complicated. The production of wooden barrel requires the conditions, the talent as well as the producers of the wines.

"The forest of Phu Quoc Island has many types of wood but only a few species such as trai, dên dên, quỷnh ... are chosen because the wood must be able to highlight the smell, taste and color of Nuoc Mam, "said Ms. Tinh.

Each barrel can contain 8 - 15 tons of anchovy so the size is different but all barrels have one point in common: Each barrel consists of 55 wooden floors and each floor has the thickness of 6 cm.

After assembling by mortises and closing the leaks by "ron" made with the bark of the mangroves, people fixe the frame of the barrels by the rope made by several strings of rattan growing in the north of the Phu Quoc Island.

The most rigorous step is fermentation. Salt is put into fresh anchovy fish after fishing, rinsed with sea water. The percentage is 3 quantities of fish - 1 salt. The salt must necessarily have the good quality that is produced in Ba Ria - Vung Tau region and is kept for more than two months. Then, we wait for the natural fermentation process that determines the quality of Nuoc Mam and we add nothing. 10-15 months later, we put juice in the reserves to keep Nuoc Mam until it is bright under the sunlight of Phu Quoc Island

Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island

The elements determining the quality of the fish sauce or Nuoc Mam depend on the capacity and skill of the foreman who is based on the origin of the raw materials, size, and climate of each month in order to have the most appropriate decisions. The sophisticated procedures have been transmitted over generations so that each drop of Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc is the crystallization of the finesse of the sea, the sweat of talented craftsmen...

Thus, time passes. The traditional craft village has spent 200 years of history. Always beautiful, delicious and good for health, the values ​​of the Nuoc Mam Phu Quoc or fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island are still intact in cuisine and soul of Vietnamese people.