Guide du Vietnam - Letter to travelers

Guide du Vietnam is a local travel agent in Vietnam created by a group of local tour guides. As connoisseurs of the country, we are here to make your journey unforgettable in your life.

Guide du Vietnam is the organization of local guides on site: 

When your trip is organized by your tour operator who must use, in fact a local travel agent. In turn, this local travel agent must call the guides to accompany you during your trip.

Guide du Vietnam

So, in reality, it is the guides who will organize your visits. This is the guides who know, understand your tastes, your needs, your rhythms ... This is the guides, the representatives of the country that listens to you, help your in case of illness or emergency. As the knower of the country, this is the guide that makes your trip enjoyable and rewarding ... This is the guide that is the cultural messenger and intermediary between you and the local populations. This is the guide that shares a moment of life with you. So, Guide du Vietnam is created to meet these requirements.

Legitimate aspect of Guide du Vietnam: 

With the deposit of 11000 EUR or 12500 USD, experienced tour guides, the License of International Travel Organization, the management of the Commission of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism depending on the Vietnamese Government, Guide du Vietnam has all professional and legitimate criteria to organize your travel in Vietnam and in the neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos...

Guide du Vietnam - Flexibility and security of the payment: 

Now, the system of payment is secure but simple: bank transfer, credit cards.... In addition, Guide du Vietnam does not require advance of your trip, except when there is the booking of the electronic flights ticket and the hotels.

Payment on site is as secure: by transfer, cards or cash at your choice. So you do not lose your advance when you cancel your trip. In case of cancellation of the trip, Guide du Vietnam needs only the payment of reservations fees, not all values ​​of the reserved services.

Guide du Vietnam

Vietnam Guide -  Quality of services: 

As the specialists of the country, Guide du Vietnam doesn’t make mass tourism. We create personalized services by staying at your disposal. With the discovery of essential World Heritages, Guide du Vietnam still offers additional benefits: Bike ride, scooter ride, walk…in surrounding, cooking classes, meetings of local people following your availability, rhythm…

Guide du Vietnam – Non profit purpose: 

As local guides, Guide du Vietnam is passionate for the profession and for the country, Guide du Vietnam is committed voluntarily to help small budget travelers with specific visits, the free services: Advices on circuits, the information, formalities ... All exchanges can be done via email, phone calls ...

To see the difference of our services, please contacts Guide du Vietnam to allow us to be your companion while your adventure in a far country:

Guide du Vietnam:

Tele: 0084. 24.3927 5182

Guide du Vietnam is listening to you!