Hoi An night market

Hoi An night market: Hoi An in central Vietnam has opened another night market on its streets such as: Tran Quy Cap, Bach Dang and Hoang Van Thu to create more centers of commerce and entertainment for local people and tourists.

Hoi An night market

The construction of this night market will help Hoi An to create new tourist products to attract visitors. At the same time, the third night market in Hoi An will stimulate trade for small businesses and local populations.  

The inauguration of this night market in Hoi An aims to reduce the pressure on the overcrowded western region and facilitate the development of the eastern region of Hoi An. Every night, this new night market will be open from 18h to 23h. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Son - Vice President of Hoi An City - said: "Currently, commerce in the west of the old district is very busy; the large number of tourists is creating great pressure. To solve the problem, from 2017, Hoi An City has proposed plans to build another night market in east of the old city to reduce pressure. The night market will be a new tourist product that Hoi An wants to offer visitors by creating more jobs for business households in the old wards cleared to implement the project of organizing street vendors and landscaping ordered sidewalks in the old town of Hoi An. 

While doing business here, everyone must follow strict rules, without disturbing, deceiving visitors to keep the image of friendly, hospitable people by ensuring the safety ...”.

Minh Ha, a traveler from Hanoi, said: This is the third time I am in Hoi An. Before, this part of Hoi An was very boring and we did not want to stay long. Now, the opening of this Hoi An night market will create more entertainment space for tourists, will attract more visitors here again...

Thus, in the ancient city of Hoi An, there are 3 night markets. It is the Nguyen Hoang market in front of the Japanese bridge specializing in the sale of souvenirs; The night market of Con Nuoc Ngoc along the Hoai River specializing in food and this third new night market.