Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam - Our experiences

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam was one of the most successful trading ports created since the first years of Jesus Chris until the 19th century. The Hoi an ancient town, a World Cultural Heritage classified by UNESCO, which has always a poetic image even though day or night is one of the most essential destinations while travel in Vietnam.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

As a traditional trading port in the Southeast Asia style located in Vietnam and rare in the world, the Hoi an ancient town is almost intact with the vicissitudes of Vietnam history which keeps until now more than a thousand architectural monuments such as streets, homes of merchants, meeting rooms, temples and pagodas, shrines, churches, old wells, tombs ... the traditional architecture has the Vietnam art nuances but also demonstrates integration, cultural exchanges with the western and eastern countries.

For many centuries, customs, ceremonies, cultural activities and beliefs as well as traditional dishes… are preserved from generation to generation by the people of the city. The Hoi an ancient town also has a healthy and pure natural environment, quiet small villages in the beautiful suburb with crafts such as carpentry, bronzes, ceramics...

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam - Which season? 

Hoi an ancient town has the best time to visit which is from December to April when there is little rain and the climate is pleasant. As in other places in center of Vietnam, it's hot in summer, between May and September, but you have the beautiful beaches not far from the town center.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

If you are in the Hoi an ancient town in the evening of14th and the 15th day of the lunar month, you will have the opportunity to attend the festival '' Night in Old Town '’ where you will plunge yourself into thousands of multi colors lanterns, a typical scene existing only in the Hoi an ancient town.

Hoi an ancient town – Means of transport: 

Hoi an ancient town is one of the key destinations in center of Vietnam in particular and in Vietnam in general. So there are many ways to discover this ancient and poetic city:

By plane: 

Hoi an is located at 30 km (40 minutes drive) from Da Nang Airport. Currently, many airlines companies such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjet air operate several round trip daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

By road and railway:

Hoi an is situated not far from the main road connecting the north and south. So the road access is very easy. In Da Nang Railway Station, several trains north - south stop daily.

But more often, travelers come here by road after or before passing the Ocean Cloud Pass located between the Hue ancient capital (Hue Forbidden City). On spot, you have different means of transport as: bike, boat, motorcycle, taxi, car… to explore the antique Hoi an ancient town.

Indispensable destinations in the Hoi an ancient town: 

Hoi an ancient town has thousands of historic monuments classified as the National Vestiges by Vietnamese government. Mostly, these monuments are concentrated in an area of ​​2km square in the city. Here is the list of sites not to be missed:

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Japanese Bridge: Considered as the jewel of Hoi an, the bridge was built in the 16th century to mark the border between the Chinese and the Japanese quarters. The decoration shows the harmony between the Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Western architectural styles. The Japanese Bridge is located at the beginning of the Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street and at the end of Tran Phu Street.

Fukien Hall: Built in 46 Tran Phu Street, this is the place of worship and meeting of Chinese traders who came to Hoi an ancient town from the Fukien province in south of China.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Chaozhou Hall: Located in 92 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street in the center of the Hoi an ancient town, the meeting hall was built in 1845 to worship the spirits taming the waves of the sea and to be the place of meeting of Chinese traders who came here from the Chaozhou province of China. The monument has a special value on the architectural structure with a finely carved frame with wood, ceramics...

Guangdong Hall: This assembly hall was built in 1885 in 176 Tran Phu Street by the Chinese people coming from the Guangdong province in China to venerate their spirits and to be used as their meeting room.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Temple of the Tran lineage: Located in 21 Le Loi Street, the temple was built by a mandarin of Tran lineage in 1802, a large family who emigrated from China to the Hoi an ancient town in the 1700. Its construction was based on the principles of traditional feng shui of Chinese and Vietnamese people.

History – Culture Museum: Founded in 1989 in 13 Nguyen Hue Street, the museum displays 212 original objects in ceramic, bronze, iron, paper, wood ... which reflect the Hoi an ancient town development steps from the Sa Huynh culture (2nd century AD) to the period of the Cham culture (from the 2nd to the 15th century) and until the Vietnamese culture (from the 15th to 19th century).

Tan ky ancient house: Built here 200 years ago, the Tan ky ancient house has the typical architectural style of the Hoi an ancient town. The interior is divided into several apartments and each has its own function. The facade of the house is the shop. The rear can be accessed from the river to store goods.

The house was built by Vietnamese artisans with traditional materials to create an elegant and comfortable beauty expressing Asian – European cultural exchanges. If you have time and passion for architecture, history…you have also a lot of old houses to visit in the Hoi an ancient town as: Phung Hung, Quan Thang...

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Workshop of Hoi An crafts: Located in 9 of Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, this workshop gathers together the main traditional craft of the Hoi an ancient town and Quang nam province as: weaving, pottery, lacquer ... by visiting the workshop, visitors will discover peaceful atmosphere of village in Vietnam countryside, will witness the skillful hands of craftsmen to create exquisite and unique handicrafts. You can also participate in some stages in the manufacturing processes and buy some products like souvenir...

Some destinations outside the Hoi an ancient town: 

Cua Dai: Located at 5km from the center of the Hoi an ancient town, Cua Dai is a beautiful beach with white sand, clear blue water, small waves ... You can go there easily by taxi, motorcycle, bicycle ...

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

An Bang beach: At 3 km from the east of the Hoi an ancient town, you will feel the wonderful freshness during a walk on the sand enjoying the pristine beauty of the sea at dawn.

Thu bon river: You can take a boat trip along the Thu bon river. Both sides of the river have beautiful sand dunes, farm scenes, scenic mountains ... Especially, the sunset on the river can seduce all visitors.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Kim bong village: Situated opposite the Hoi an ancient town, across the Thu bon river, the Kim bong carpenters village is well known in the country and abroad. In this village, travelers will discover the steps in the manufacture of very sophisticated wood products. We offer a bike ride to discover everyday rural life of its very friendly people.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Thanh ha pottery village: Located at 3km from the west of the Hoi an ancient town, since the 16th century, Thanh ha was a thriving village, famous for ceramics, terracotta products ... Today, the products are mainly in service of daily life activities such as cup, bowl, jar, pot, vase ... and to play like small animals ...

Tra que village: At 3 km from the Hoi an ancient town, Tra que village is known mainly by growing vegetables where visitors will participate in the stages of culture by enjoying typical dishes of Hoi an.

Cu Lao Cham Island: Cu Lao Cham is known for exceptional biodiversity of natural forests, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and many valuable species of aquatic products.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

At 15 km from the Cua dai beach, Cu Lao Cham is accessible by speedboat (30 minutes) or by normal boat (2h). This island recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO is ideal for relaxing after visiting the Hoi an ancient town.

Gastronomy of Hoi an ancient town: 

Hoi an ancient town is not big but the food culture is extremely rich after centuries of cultural and economic exchanges between eastern and western countries. Above all, this is no need to go to luxury restaurants to taste its specialties. You can find all easily in the streets, markets, street vendors... Below, there are some dishes that you can not ignore in this charming city. Especially, these dishes can adapt to the tastes of Europeans travelers:

1 - Fried Rice with Chicken or Com Ga:

2 - Cao Lau: The people of the Hoi an ancient town say that this dish was invented in the 17th century and that this dish is original of China like the Udon cold noodles of Japanese people.

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

3 - Banh Xeo: These are pancakes of the Hoi an ancient town. This specialty is made from rice, shrimp, meat.... and served with aromatic herbs.

4 - Quang noodles or Mi quang: Quang noodles are often served with shrimp, pork, eggs, vegetables, aromatic herbs...

Shopping in the Hoi an ancient town:

Hoi an ancient town was a prosperous trading port for almost 2000 years. So the city is the cradle of the handicrafts such as silk, weaving, pottery, carpentry, lantern, wood and stone carving, lacquer ... The skilled hands of its people can create delicate products that may surprise everyone .

. Hoi an lanterns are very beautiful, light and pliable which can adapt so well to all travelers.

. Customized clothes are a specialty in the Hoi an ancient town. This is a very cheap and very quick service. Within some hours, tailors can end your clothes. If you can not wait, just let the measure and address, the store will send you the products by post office. You can find talented tailors in every corner of the town.

. Customized shoes are made quickly as clothing.

. Other things: silk, furniture, wood carving, embroidery objects, lacquer, stone...

Hoi an ancient town in Vietnam

Accommodation in the Hoian ancient town: 

Hoi an ancient town is one of the essential destinations while travel in Vietnam. Especially to attract foreign visitors, Hoi an has enough comfortable hotels. Cua Dai Street between the center town and the Cua dai beach offers many choices: from small local hotels, hostels to luxury hotels.... Along the Cua dai beach, there are plenty of luxury hotel as Hoi An Beach Resort, Victoria, Palm Garden Resort ... But anyway, the advance booking is advised to fit your criterion of quality - price. You can send us an email to: info@guideduvietnam.com to enjoy our free advice.

Some advices:

. Hoi an ancient town is really interesting early in the morning: the deserted streets, residents of Hoi an starting the preparations of the day, no electric lights, market is so animated when the fishermen return after a fishing night...

. You can stroll through the narrow streets of the city. There are a lot of surprises that await you.

. In the Bach dang quay, along the Hoai River, every night, there are several cultural activities: Folk songs, lanterns on the river, a large space illuminated with lanterns, lively night market ... which create a magical atmosphere, ambiance… existing only  in the Hoi an ancient town.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email to: long.guideduvietnam@gmail.com to enjoy our free information about the Hoi ancient town in Vietnam.