History of Vietnam

History of Vietnam is characterized by the creation of the nation and the wars to safeguard its independence:

Vietnam means: The land of the South Viets – A strip of long land in narrow shape with the form of S in South – East Asia.  But, the history of this small country, however, dates back to the primitive time.

History of Vietnam

The process of the Vietnam history:

From succession of 18 Hung Kings in Van Lang kingdom until the foundation of Co Loa Capital in 258 BC;

Arrival of the Chinese invaders in the year 179 BC until the country’s independence in 938 leaded by Ngo Quyen;

From1010 – era of national freedom and prosperity under different dynasties such as: Ly, Tran, Le, Mac, Tay Son, Nguyen with many wars against Mongolia, China, Thailand… until the arrival of French colonialists in 1858.

The Geneva Accords in 1954 gave the independence to Vietnam and French Indochina.

The intervention of Americans Army in 1955 -1975;

The border war in South East against the Khmer Rouge in 1978, the border war with China in North from 1979 until the normalization of relations between Vietnam and China in 1991, between Vietnam  and the United States in 1995…so many turbulent events, so much pain.

Vietnam was ravaged by bombs and mines, massacres, famine…. 47 million tons of bombs and mines had been dropped during the Vietnam wars which 700,000 are still somewhere in the mountains, and another 80 million liters of defoliants, dioxin or Agent Orange was sprayed … The consequences are still enormous.

Some recent events in chronological history of Vietnam:

In 1858, the landing of the Napoleon III troops;
In 1887, the creation of the Indochinese Union;
In 1930, the creation of the Communist Party of Indochina;
In 1940, the Japanese invasion;
In 1945, the Declaration of Independence on September 2;
In 1946, the Second Indochina War with the country cut in two by the Potsdam meeting;
In 1954, the end of the Indochina War after Dien Bien Phu battle and the intervention of the Americans Army;
In 1973, the Paris Agreement signed – departure of the U.S. military;
In 1975, the end of the Vietnam War, the reunification of the country;
In 1979, the border war South – East against the Khmer Rouge and the Chinese in the North;

In 1991, the opening of the border with China;
In 1995, the normalization of relations with the Americans government;
In 1995, Vietnam became a member of ASEAN – Association of countries in South East Asia;

In 2006, the history of Vietnam had changed a new page: The country became an official member of the WTO and fits well to the world, an example of the economic growth in developing countries.