Hanoi in Vietnam welcomed its first visitor in the year 2018

Hanoi in Vietnam welcomed its first visitor in the year 2018: At the ceremony welcoming the first visitor to the capital, the Director of the Tourism Department of Hanoi said that his presence at the beginning of the year would promise to bring more luck, success and a fresh start for Vietnam.

Hanoi in Vietnam

In the morning 1/1/2018, the Hanoi Tourism Department, in cooperation with Vietnam Airlines, Noi Bai International Airport and related units organized a ceremony to welcome the first international visitor to the capital in 2018 who is Mr. Lebreton Didier, a French nationality, departing from Paris - Hanoi on flight VN18 of the national airline of Vietnam.

At the ceremony, Mr. Tran Duc Hai, the director of the Hanoi Tourism Department, said, "The capital has a long history with cultures aged of thousands of years old. Hanoi is the political and administrative center of the country. With the resources of high quality tourist services, Hanoi has long been a beautiful and safe destination for its visitors. Tourism is increasing. In 2016, the number of international visitors was 4 million but in 2017, this number was 5 million.

For many years, the capital of Vietnam has been elected and honored on the prestigious tourist sites. Hanoi is ranked first among the most interesting destinations in the world by receiving many praises, appreciations…of visitors worldwide.

The director of the Hanoi Tourism Department said: According to traditional customs, the first guest promises to bring luck, success and a fresh start not only for Vietnam but also for him.

Mr. Tran Duc Hai also wished all passengers on flight VN18 a good holiday by keeping many impressions on Vietnam. He also expressed hope that in future, the two countries, France and Vietnam, will continue to promote good cooperation in many areas.

At the welcoming ceremony of the first international visitor in Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Sy Thanh, the deputy director of Vietnam Airlines North Branch sent warm greetings to the first visitors to the capital. Mr. Thanh said, "It's an interesting coincidence that the flight number also coincides with 2018. Today's event is a promising start not only for Vietnam Airlines but also for the country to promote tourism, the image of Vietnam and Hanoi in the world. ''.

Mr. Lebreton Didier, the first international visitor in Hanoi, said it was his third visit to Vietnam, but this trip is certainly the most significant and impressive. "I am deeply touched and surprised by the warm welcome you give me, and in all the Asian countries I have visited, Hanoi is a beautiful place and worth living. I hope that your beautiful country will have more joy in the New Year and that people will always smile on their lips.

During his two previous trips in Vietnam, Mr. Lebreton Didier visited many provinces from north to south. This time, this French traveler will stay about a month to try to explore as much as possible the landscapes of Vietnam and Hanoi.