Hanoi in Vietnam: Three days program

Hanoi capital, founded in 1010, is also the second city of Vietnam. The beauty of Hanoi capital is the perfect blend of Western and Eastern architecture, of man and nature, past, present and future.

Hanoi – Three days program suggested by the British newspaper:

The Guardian published very detailed advices from its reporter Claire Boobbyer for travelers who want to explore the Hanoi capital for 3 days: Price, addresses...

Hanoi - The first day:

Morning: A destination not to be missed for most travelers in Hanoi is the old city which is like a maze with intertwining streets. The best way to discover the "36 streets" of the Hanoi capital is by walk. You can walk alone or with a guide for about 2 hours.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Do not forget to relax in the small bars on the sidewalk to enjoy a cup of coffee with milk or a green tea. During walk in the old town of Hanoi, go to the Hang Gay Street or others quarters around the church if you like doing shopping. In Hanoi, you find everything: Silk, ceramics, lacquer, souvenir objects...

When you are hungry, go to the street restaurant to enjoy a bowl of noodles with fragrant fish thanks to cumin, turmeric, but the price is only about 3.5 USD. Avoid big fish restaurants like La Vong or Thang Long ... Moreover, bun cha (rice noodles with grilled pork) in Hang Manh Street is also very delicious at 2,2 USD ( or 55,000 VND -  Vietnamese currency).

Afternoon: Hanoi is particularly beautiful with old streets lined of green trees and the French-style villas. To feel this beauty, visit the Opera House, The National History Museum and take a cup of coffee on the terrace of the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel.

You can take a Xe Om (Motorbike taxi) to visit Hoa Lo Prison where US pilots were detained, including Senator John McCain; Thang Long Royal Citadel  with vestiges of the feudal era and the Temple of Literature at the Quoc Tu Giam Street.


Late afternoon, when you return to the center of Hanoi around Hoan Kiem Lake, enjoy an ice in Trang Tien Street or stroll around the lake, the heart of Hanoi.

Dinner: The Rooftop Bar is the place where you can admire the panorama of Hanoi when the city turns on the lights and a cocktail before going to the intersection of Ta Hien - Luong Ngoc Quyen Streets to drink a local beer with a very reasonable price.

The corner of Hang Bong and Duong Thanh Streets is the perfect place for barbecues at the price of 4 USD with plastic tables on the sidewalk. Go straight to the French villa named Hanoi Social Club. Relax on comfortable chairs with sandwiches, potatoes, a cup of aromatic tea…and you will enjoy the wonderful music.

The night party in Hanoi can be done at Hanoi Barbetta, the bar - restaurant in Ly Quoc Su Street or Tadioto in Ton Dan Streets.

Hanoi - Second day:

Morning: You can make queuing to visit the mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh and the house on stilt – his residence and the One Pillar Pagoda, the colorful Ethnographic Museum of Vietnam at 5 km from Hanoi. On the way, you can stop for the wreck of the B52 Bomber shot in Huu Tiep Lake.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Afternoon: You can have lunch at La Badiane, a French restaurant with crab cooked in lemon sauce. Then, go to Hanoi Bicycle Collective to rent a bike to take a ride around the West Lake. On the way, you can stop in Lo Cot bar for a coffee, to savor in dishes Mau Dich restaurant which recall the time after war or a coffee in Duy Tri shop in Yen Phu Street.

Enjoy the sunset from the terrace of the Hotel Sofitel is a wonderful experience in Hanoi. If you like burgers, go to Tracy at 40 Xuan Dieu. During walking in these quarters, do not miss the Manzi, a coffee bar combined with the arts in a French villa where concerts, interesting exhibitions... are often organized.

Night: The show of water puppet is a traditional art form of Vietnam is represented in Thang Long Puppet Theatre near Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. You can have dinner in the neighborhoods or in the restaurants around the lake before going to Bar 84 for a coffee at the famous Le Kafe.

Third day in Hanoi:

Start the day with a culinary tour in Hanoi to enjoy the delicious dishes such as: Noodles soup with beef, noodles soup with fish, rice cake and yogurt in purple sticky rice ... before going under Long Bien Bridge (Paul Doumer Bridge in French era) to walk along the Red River...

You can have dinner at Moose & Roo which has one of the best beef steaks in Hanoi before spending the evening at the Opera House or go to CAMA ATK to immerse yourself into the exciting atmosphere of DJ music and art dance. This is the tour program in Hanoi of the reporter Claire Boobbyer of The Guardian.