Hanoi in Vietnam with its culinary specialties

Hanoi is the millennium capital of Vietnam and known as a tourist destination not to be missed in the north of the country. By visiting Hanoi, you also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes that are concentrated in the old town because it is the place that was started to be inhabited since Hanoi was chosen as the capital in 1010.

Hanoi in Vietnam

This is the list of the delights of Hanoi that you can not ignore while coming there. The article was written based on the experience of a local tour guide and his friends, colleagues ... Most often, authentic gastronomic specialties of Hanoi are served in simple and even dilapidated restaurants or directly on the sidewalks, at very affordable prices. Please note also that these addresses are in the old city of Hanoi, around the Hoan Kiem Lake.

Hanoi - Its specialties for a truly local breakfast: 

Bat Dan Pho soup:

The Vietnamese Pho soup of Bat Dan is one of the most famous specialties in Hanoi. While talking about it, we often think of the waiting line every morning for a delicious bowl of soup. The restaurant is always full, especially on Saturdays and Sundays because most guests come here to find the most authentic soup in Hanoi. If you wish to be well served, this restaurant is not going to suit you.

According to our experience, it's better to go there by two people, one command and the other keep place. This restaurant in 49 Bat Dan Street is open from 6:30 to 8:30.

If not, you can select other well known restaurants of the Pho Soup: Pho Thin (13 Lo Duc), Pho Ly Quoc Su (10 Ly Quoc Su), Pho Suong (Trung Yen Lane), Pho Cuong (23 Hang Muoi), Pho Hai Ba Trung (2 Hai Ba Trung), Pho Hang Trong (At the junction of Hang Trong and Hang Bong Streets or Silk Street)...

Soup of rice noodles with the snail in the street of Hang Chai: 

Hang Chai is a very small street between the Hang Luoc and Hang Cot Streets. The restaurant of the soup of rice noodles with snail managed by Mrs Them is very famous since 25 years. Sometimes, you should get in line if you are between 9 and 10am. The restaurant has only low chairs and tables but it attracts guests of Hanoi thanks to its quality without debate.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Hanoi - Its specialties for lunch: 

Bun Cha:

Bun Cha is one of the specialties in Hanoi. This dish composes fresh rice noodles served with minced pork in a particular kind of broth. Besides grilled pork, you can find Bun Cha with spring rolls of pork, spring rolls made of sea crabs ... Bun Cha Hanoi has been rated as one of the 10 best street dishes by National Geographic.

Bun cha Hanoi was recently voted by CNN as one of the most delicious summer dishes of the world. Before this vote, CNN was also selected Bun Cha Hanoi as one of 10 best street dishes in Asia. You can go to the following restaurants:

Located at the beginning of the street of Hang Manh, for long time ago, Bun cha Dac Kim is known by the locals and foreigners gourmets. This restaurant is relatively small. This is why during rush hours, guests must eat on the sidewalks.

Bun Cha Sinh Tu is also very well known address in Hanoi. Created in the 70s, this restaurant at 57 A Nguyen Khuyen is always appreciated with exquisite quality but at affordable price.

If not, you will not be disappointed if you come to Bun Cha Huong Lien (24 Le Van Huu), Duy Diem (140 Ngoc Khanh), Nguyen Bieu (23 Nguyen Bieu) Hang Khoai (2 Hang Khoai), 34 (34 Hang Than), Hang Nga (Hang Chieu)...

Rice noodles with soy cheese:

Rice noodles with soy cheese in Phat Loc alley at the end of the Hang Bac Street are much appreciated by the guests of Hanoi. But in general, foreigners do not like soy cheese or tofu and brine of shrimp because its smell is strong enough.

The two restaurants at the numbers 49 and 55 are the best known. This is a simple dish, easy to do, but the materials, ingredients ... must be well selected before preparation.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Hanoi - Suggestion for dinner:

Cha Ca La Vong: 

Created by the Doan family there are more than 100 years ago, Cha Ca became one of the most famous dishes in Hanoi. Cha Ca La Vong is the pieces of fish which are grilled on charcoal and warmed in a pan with vegetable oil. It is eaten with fresh rice noodles, chives, dill, some roasted peanuts, the shrimp sauce (It is hard for you!)... The Cha Ca La Vong restaurant is always located in the house No. 14 of Cha Ca Street. Despite the house is narrow but it can create a warm atmosphere.

Tong Duy Tan Gastronomy Street: 

At the end of the street of silk or Hang Bong Street in Vietnamese language, you will find Tong Duy Tan Gastronomy Street, which should be known by gourmets. Here you can taste most specialties of Hanoi as: Bun Cha, rice cake, fried noodles, various hot pots, sticky rice, Vietnamese Pho soup ... The restaurants here are open all day, until midnight.

Hanoi - The list of restaurants for local specialties:

Various snails, seafood: It is in the street of Hang Luoc near the Hang Cot Street in the old city of Hanoi.

Sticky rice and chopped fried squids: It's in Hang Luoc Street, opposite the restaurant of seafood.

Soup of noodles with pork balls (Bun Moc): It is in 57 Street of Hang Luoc.

Soup of noodles with chicken in medicinal herbs (My Ga Tan): This is in 12 C of Hang Cot Street.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Grilled beef in 33 of Gam Cau Street: It is a very famous address if you want to taste the style of barbecues of Hanoi on the sidewalk.

Soup of noodles with chicken or Pho Ga: This small restaurant is located at 65 Lan Ong Street and open until the end of the day.

Soup of noodles with beef in Hue style (Bun Bo Hue): The restaurant is located in the 16B of Hang Ga Street.

Bread 25 (Banh Mi 25): It is in the 25 of Hang Ca street. Here the flavors of bread are preserved from the French colonial era.

Cha Ca Kinh Ky in 25 Duong Thanh Street: This restaurant also serves fried fish, but there is more space compared to the traditional restaurant in 14 of Cha Ca Street.

Noodles with beef the style of South (Bun Bo Nam Bo): The restaurant is located at the junction of Hang Dieu and Duong Thanh Streets.

Soup of rice noodles with fresh water crab (Bun Cua Reu): It's in 25A of Bat Dan Street.

Soup of Chinese noodles (My Van Than): Both restaurants are in 22 of Hang Phen Street and in 19 of Hang Dieu Street.

Rice soup with pork ribs (Chao Suon): The restaurant is located on the sidewalk of Ngo Huyen Street, near the central church of Hanoi or St Joseph Cathedral.

Soup of rice noodle of Ms Duc: The restaurant is located in 43 of Cau Go Street, near Hoan Kiem Lake, behind the Hanoi Theater of water puppet.

Sticky rice of Yen in 35b of Nguyen Huu Huan Street: This is the most famous sticky rice restaurant in Hanoi, which is currently a 3-storey building, but always full of local gourmets…

At night, the streets in the old city of Hanoi as Ta Hien, Luong Ngoc Quyen ... are known by beer, lemon tea, fried nem ... served on sidewalks. These streets are the places of the appointment of local youth people and international young travelers. In addition, there are also several bars like Fat Cat (Ta Hien), Funky B (2 Ta Hien), Rockstore (61 Ma May), Prague Pub (38 Luong Ngoc Quyen), Factory Bar (47 Hang Buom), Mao Red (7 Ta Hien)...

Hanoi and its famous coffee: 

The coffee has appeared in Vietnam in the late 19th century, during the French era. Now, Vietnam is the world's second coffee exporter, after Brazil. Coffee in Vietnam, Robusta mostly, is planted mainly on the High Plateau which is a region of the center sharing the border with Cambodia. Over time, this drink is indispensable in local life, especially in cities.

Hanoi in Vietnam

In the old city of Hanoi, you can see countless coffee bars of quality in the streets like: Hang Bong, Hang Trong, Hang Hanh, Ta Hien, Ma May, Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang Tien ... If not, there are luxury bars in well known hotels such as: Legend Metropole, Hilton ... for you.

But you've heard talking about coffee with eggs? Buzzfeed published a list of drinks to taste during the trip abroad in which there is the coffee in egg of Vietnam, especially in Hanoi.

It's a secret to perfectly blend coffee, butter, a chicken egg ... to make a unique cup of coffee. You can go to Giang Coffee (39 Nguyen Huu Huan), Dinh coffee (13 Dinh Tien Hoang), coffee Pho Co (11 Hang Gay) ... In the street of Nguyen Huu Huan, you'll find the chains of coffee like: Café Lam, Café Lang…keeping tastes of the past which are the places to go of nostalgic gourmets in Hanoi.

Hanoi draft beer: 

In 1890, under French colonial era, the French people built the first brewery in Indochina calling Hommel in Hanoi. At that time, bottled beer was reserved for them and for the Vietnamese officials.

In 1954, when the North was released after the second Indochina War, the Vietnamese state has managed the brewery by naming the Hanoi brewery and beer bottles were made but considered as luxury product. Most of the population continued to drink rice wine in small glasses ‘' in shape of buffalo eyes. ''.

In the early 60s of last century, during the Vietnam War, it was not easy to transport beer bottles. So we produced fresh beer without bottle called Bia Hoi or draft beer today.

However, at that time, the State has seriously controlled distillation of rice wine because of the food shortage. And from there, the beer began to gradually become an indispensable part of people's lives in Hanoi. In the 70, 80s ... we still had to queue to be able to buy this kind of beer in Hanoi. But now, we can drink it in any area of ​​the city.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Some draft beer stalls in the old town:

Ta Hien Street Beer: This shop is located at the intersection of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen Streets. This is also the place to go for young local people and foreign travelers in Hanoi which is also called “International Crossroad". But local gourmets prefer the following shops:

Bia Hoi Lan Chin: 22 Hang Tre

Bia Hoi Bat Dan: 46B, 50 Bat Dan

Bia Hoi Lan Chin: 2 Trang Tien

Bia Hoi Tang Bat Ho: It is the street of draft beer stalls located at 1km from Hoan Kiem Lake...

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