Hanoi egg coffee – Vietnamese typical drink

Hanoi egg coffee is the creative drink of local people. This drink has become famous around the world thanks to foreign travelers. People think that when they drink a hot egg coffee in a simple cup, they can never forget Hanoi.

It is not complicated to make Hanoi egg coffee. You should choose raw but fresh eggs. Coffee must also be the product of Vietnam with the exciting flavor. We keep the yolk of an egg at the bottom of a cup and pour hot coffee on it and the egg emerges on top of the cup...

Hanoi egg coffee

The Hanoi egg coffee consists of coffee, egg and milk but has a strange attraction for anyone who has had the chance to enjoy. This drink was invented in the early 40s of the 20th century by Mr. Nguyen Van Giang who worked at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi during the French colonial era. He transformed the Capuccino into egg coffee with simpler but richer ingredients.

This drink has long been used but without creating a noisy culinary fashion. The Hanoi egg coffee is tenacious to contribute to a typical culinary culture of Hanoi, without being confused with others.

Hanoi egg coffee in CNN - Secret things in a 70-year-old coffee cup.

"You put an egg like this in a cup of coffee? The smell is terrible". An Arab traveler has wrinkled his nose. The owner of the Hanoi egg cafe smiled: "If the smell is terrible, I will pay you, otherwise you will pay ten times more."

This was one of the innumerable questions posed to Mr. Nguyen Chi Hoa, the owner of Giang Cafe at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Hanoi egg coffee

The Arab visitor came to his cafe with his son many years ago. They began the "bet" on the sweetness of the drink presented in Hanoi since 1946.

"Dad, you have to pay", after the first drop, the child said that to his father. He doubted, but he put the warm cup to his lips. And second, he nodded: "I will pay you ten times more". The visitor and Nguyen Chi Hoa all smiled together.

Of course, Hoa has taken the value of a cup of coffee. ‘’The value of gastronomy does not lie in the amount but in the satisfaction of the user’’. After so many years, this philosophy of Hanoi egg coffee owner at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan never disappears.

Sugar, eggs, milk, coffee ... and know-how

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hoa (62 years old) is the eighth child and also the youngest of a family in Hanoi. His father, Mr. Nguyen Van Giang (who died in 1987) worked at the Hanoi Metropole Legend.

He prepared the cappuccino for foreigners. He wondered: Vietnam has many fresh and delicious eggs. With chicken eggs, sugar, milk, coffee, you can create a delicious, attractive but cheap beverage or not?

This curiosity was successful. In 1946, the chef at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan began serving this strange, simply delicious drink: Hanoi egg cafe.

Mr. Hoa said that the raw materials for making egg coffee are fresh eggs, sugar, milk, coffee and many other things that are secret. First of all, the chicken egg yolk is prepared by hand with milk, sugar and then boiled coffee is poured over it. The cup of coffee floats immediately with a brown color and aromatic fragrance difficult to resist...

People place the cup of Hanoi egg coffee in another cup of hot water. The goal is to keep warm. First of all, you would have to take foam before slowly enjoying the lower part of the coffee in an exciting feeling...

Mr. Hoa said: Although the menu has changed over time, the taste of our traditional Hanoi egg coffee should always be preserved.

Hanoi egg coffee - The old trait in the middle of modernity:

The creator of egg coffee in Hanoi is Mr. Nguyen Van Giang who has 8 children. But only the youngest son, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hoa, followed the cooking craft of his father from the age of 17 years.

However, later on, a sister of Mr. Hoa, a former teacher, also opened a café which is Café Dinh on the 2nd floor of a house in Dinh Tien Hoang Street in the center of Hanoi, near the Hoan Kiem Lake. A brother of Mr. Hoa, a former mechanic, also opened a cafe at Yen Phu Street. These two coffees also serve egg coffee. However, as a tie, people can drink black coffee everywhere, but for the Hanoi egg cafe, they remember the house at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street.

The house has a very narrow entrance, but inside there is a space decorated with trees and ancient objects. Old paintings, watches, ceiling fans are almost 80 years old ... Nguyen Chi Hoa said all these objects are well preserved since his father is still alive.

"Many coffee shops have been laid out to be modern but we always keep rustic, simple wooden chairs ... so that visitors can remember a Hanoi of the past," Hoa said.

Mr. Hoa is always in charge of roasting and grinding coffee, one of the most important steps to make a good a Hanoi egg coffee. Hoa's wife is always the best in the family to prepare egg coffee.

Hoa has two girls who do different jobs, not related to coffee. At present, sometimes, children help parents. Who is the successor to the Hanoi egg cafe at Giang Cafe in this street is also a difficult question.

"Coffee is rather manual. Always we have to be careful and attentive. Anyway, I hope my sons and daughters will have time to change idea.’’. The successor of the Hanoi egg coffee smiled calmly.