Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam during the rice harvest

Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam has charming landscapes of limestone rocks of karsts formation in the huge rice fields which surround the typical villages of the Red River Delta in the north or the former Tonkin. With its natural and historical values, the Trang An site in Halong Bay On Land was classified as World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. At two-hour drive from Hanoi, Halong Bay On land becomes an attractive destination during travel in Vietnam.

Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam

Halong Bay On Land during season of rice harvest:

Halong Bay On Land becomes more beautiful during every season of the rice harvest of local people. The yellow rice fields at the foot of imposing rocks make landscapes so identical.

The beauty of the yellow rice fields mixing with gardens, lotus ponds, water, clouds, and sky ... makes Halong Bay On Land as beautiful as the paintings of the captive nature.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong is one of the famous sites in the Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District of Ninh Binh Province. To discover the natural beauty of this place, we will take a sampan ride during about 2-3 hours trip on the Ngo Dong River by making stops in three caves.

Every summer, within about 2 weeks in late May to early June, the rice fields of Tam Coc, a part of Halong Bay On Land, becomes shiny on a giant carpet of color contrasts: Yellow, green… which emerge in clear water in the middle of limestone rocks. The beautiful, majestic and poetic aspects of natural image wait for you here.

Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam

So one of the best times to visit Halong Bay On Land is during the Golden Season at the end of May each year. The trick to get good pictures is to find a place on a rock to admire the majestic scenery below.

Several parties in Halong Bay On land have only one rice crops a year. Rice is planted along the rivers by local people.

At harvest time, when the first rays of the summer sun shine, Halong Bay On Land is like a dream, the sampan gliding on the gentle river winding through the bright yellow ripe rice fields, farmers making harvest with smiles, small boats filled of yellow rice in a dreamy afternoon... are always the endless inspiration of romantic souls.

Indeed, the limestone mountains with caves, connected by winding Ngo Dong River, then along the river surrounded by golden rice fields, sleeping boats on the dreamy river... are captivate for pictures hunters.

Halong Bay On Land in Vietnam

Standing on high peaks, the beauty of Halong Bay On Land is multiplied: Ngo Dong River with gentle curves, rice fields like a giant fan, undulating mountains until to infinity.

Travelers having leisurely bike ride on trails covered by the sun, the boats filled with gold seeds following each other on the river in slight fog of the summer ... are the bewitching images in Halong Bay On Land.