Halong Bay in Vietnam: Stop meals in caves

Halong Bay in Vietnam is the World Natural Heritage listed by UNESCO. Public opinion is "hot" when several travel agencies organize parties in some caves in Halong Bay.

Savor the tastes of the sea aboard a junk, on sandy beaches or in a cave is a wonderful experience for all travelers while being in Halong Bay. The problem is how to organize this unique product while retaining the heritage? But firstly, according to experts, banquet organization should be prohibited in this World Natural Heritage.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Halong Bay is a World Natural Heritage. This is not the place to party!

The images of banquets organized in the caves in Halong Bay by tourism businesses being posted on social networks caused public and conservation experts anger.

Located in the central part of the Natural Heritage of the World, the Trong Cave which is really nice becomes a restaurant with hundreds of guests who raise the glass by singing. This can affect the "health" of the cave or not? We have to wait the conclusion of experts, but obviously this is going to decrease the value of the Natural Heritage of Humanity of Halong Bay by creating a very bad principle: You can do everything with money!

Even professional organizers of tourism are also angry over this situation. It is sure that the organization of food service in the caves for travelers will helps to diversify the products and services in Halong Bay, but this organization must follow strict conditions. On Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, there are some caves where meals are organized, especially in the Trong Cave.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

With wide, spacious and flat space, Trong Cave in the center of Halong Bay can accommodate hundreds of guests at the same time. Although the meal ends but there are some furniture left in the cave. Tables, chairs ... are sufficient to organize weddings. In the cave, there is even a podium where guests can sing, dance ... while on the land, we can count dozens of circular trays with about 10 customers / tray to party. Even in the entrance, there is a small toilet that is too loaded if there are a hundred of guests. Mr. Le Van Chinh - the former deputy director of key monuments management Office of Quang Ninh province exclaimed: Trong Cave is located in the center of Halong Bay. We should prohibit meals. In addition, meals are noisy there.

Meals in the caves in Halong Bay have to be prohibited?

With the anger of public opinion, the Committee of Quang Ninh where Halong Bay is located asked to Halong City’s authority to suspend meals in the caves.

But there are two opinions:

1. Prohibition to protect heritage

2. Meals can be organized in some parts but with strict conditions, in order to diversify characteristics tourism products of the Halong Bay while protecting heritage.

Some travel experts say that the service is "a gold mine" of Halong Bay. If it is operated efficiently, it can protect the bay while improving the heritage value, but expansion should not be encouraged. Currently, the part of Cong Do situated on the edge of the peripheral portion has the caves as Thien Canh Son where the food service is organized on a small scale but with strict conditions.

This cave in Halong Bay has been managed by the Cruise Company of Indochina from 2007 since the opening of the tourist line 4 in Bai Tu Long to create new products, both to reduce the number of boats in Halong Bay. In addition, the company had three months to move tens of tones of shellfish, mollusks in the cave, by investing billions of VND (Vietnamese currency) for the installation of the electrical system and for daily cleaning. But there are many other boats that come here after buying the ticket sold by the management office of Halong Bay.

Ms. Hoang Bich Nguyet - the deputy director general of the Indochine Company shared: the company has 14 junks for the night on Halong Bay but not all the junks that take guests to have diner in the cave. We cannot be paid more because the price includes meals on boat. We only organize meals in the cave for visitors who have at least 3 days and 2 nights because we want to make a difference. If they only eat on the boat, it would be boring. Moreover, we do not open the banquet, but only a few small tables, most are couples, families who take some simple dishes in candle light and melodious music...

Not far from the cave of Thien Canh Son, the Lo Thung Cave was used as a dining room, but only for honeymooners, because the ground is just enough for a dining table. According to the evaluations, the food service in romantic caves of Halong Bay is truly appreciated by travelers, especially foreigners.

We must completely prohibit meals in the caves in the center of Halong Bay but in the peripheral parts, we have to see the situation and the terrain ... but we must protect and promote the value of heritage. The organizers of this service must have specific plans. It doesn’t mean that when you have money, you can party in the caves of Halong Bay. Mr. Le Van Chinh suggested.

According to Mr. Pham Hong Ha - the mayor of Halong City, the Head of the Halong Bay Management Office, to continue the service or not, we have to consult the opinion of the People's Committee of Quang Ninh Province, experts, relevant departments…

However, if this service continues, we must have good planning, limit the number of groups and number of groups / meal ... as well as add other criteria for that service to achieve international class but without causing bad influences on Halong Bay.