Ha My Beach in Vietnam - Irresistible beauty

Ha My Beach in Vietnam does not have many waves, neither too crowded nor animated but this beach has its own attraction with its large open space and its extensive long beach. At present, Ha My Beach is compared to a "dormant fairy" while retaining many wild and rare characters.

Ha My Beach in Vietnam

Very favorable position: Situated on the coastal road linking the city of Danang and Hoi An in the province of Quang Nam, Ha My Beach is a very familiar address for young local people at the arrival of summer.

Here you only want to laze all day under the cool shade of the sweet coconut palms to enjoy the panoramic view of nature which is so peaceful and relaxed. If you do not like the noise or the animation ... this beach is the ideal destination for you.

You will plunge into the cool water to relax without paying attention to your surroundings. This is an extremely pleasant experience because the Ha My Beach belongs to you…

Blue sea, white sand, yellow sun: Ha My Beach awaits travelers with white sand, turquoise sea, clear water, the characteristics of the beaches in central Vietnam and also thanks to the picturesque beauty that recently, this beach was added by the British newspaper Telegraph in the list of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, as well as 10 other beaches which include: Long Beach at Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, Phra Nang in Krabi in Thailand, Long Island in Andaman Islands in India...Earlier, this beach is not very well known in the country. Therefore, the presence of the Ha My Beach in this list surprises lovers of travel.

Ha My Beach in Vietnam

Perhaps, at the Ha My Beach, the first thing that seduces you, is the immaculate beauty. The beach is still '' new '', but quickly '' enchants '' the traveling enthusiasts. The rows of filaos, coconut palms along the coast create a feeling of tranquility, open space ... In the midst of this beauty, at Ha My Beach, there are countless violet flowers of bindweed waving on the sand.

Lie on the sand listening to the rustle of the wind beneath the leaves of the coconut palms, breathe the breeze of the fresh sea and enjoy the fresh seafood ... you will see that fatigue, stress ... do not exist in this pure world! Stay away from work, fatigue, the heat of cities to immerse yourself in the immaculate Ha My Beach in the majestic, poetic nature...

The sunrise and sunset of breathtaking beauty: Ha My Beach is too beautiful at dawn and dusk when the sun shines on the horizon at dawn or when the sun is projecting the last splashing rays over the sea. These are also the two moments of the day when fishermen leave or return to create a fresh atmosphere. At night, the sky is clear; the sea is magical with the lamps of thousands of fishing boats like flowers on the sea. At that moment, Ha My Beach has the wonderful beauty that can captivate the most difficult travelers.

Delicious food, reasonable but comfortable accommodation: Whatever the Ha My Beach is still wild and deserted, but the service starts to grow. In reality, the services are ready for that your trip is perfect. Not far away, there are many places to choose, from popular at affordable prices to deluxe to satisfy all the needs and conditions of the travelers.

Ha My Beach in Vietnam

The seafood at Ha My Beach is really perfect. The fishermen work regularly. So the seafood is so fresh but the price is quite reasonable. Just think of shrimp, oysters, squids, clams ... prepared in an attractive way, you cannot resist the urge to go immediately.

Not only the admiration of landscapes, bathing ... at the Ha My Beach, travelers can participate in fun experiences: You will sail round boats to fish like real local fishermen in the Vietnamese coastal fishing villages...

In the morning, you can also do shopping in the fish market when women, sweet mothers bring here the "booty" of their husbands after a fishing night on the Ha My Beach...