From Sophie Ripoteau

From: Sophie Ripoteau:

Dear Long,

I think about often my travel in Vietnam which allows me to enjoy a little the warmth of your beautiful country!

I really enjoyed the 15 days tour in Vietnam with you allowing me to discover a beautiful country with lovely people, without forgetting a very rich history.

The rhythm of the trip was really well organized: always activities, but quietly, without haste and in a good humor!

I also enjoyed the variety of activities: museums, markets, walks, swimming, festivals, cultural or religious discoveries.

I lived many things: colors, smells, and new ways of seeing life…

In short, there are all many reasons to say that I LOVE these 15 days of travel in your country.

I look at myself when I will visit South of Vietnam and Cambodia??? It helps me to keep morale when i see my works to do in this morning!

Thank you again for everything to organize this great travel in Vietnam, a trip was simply interesting.

Thanks to Christophe and you!

See you again!