From Jean Pierre Martiniere

From Jean-Pierre MARTINIERE:

Dear Long,

So, we returned to France since a week … but we still have our foot and a part of the spirit in Vietnam. This travel in Vietnam was for us a very nice meeting with a smile and the friendly people, the discovery of streets and lively places in the country that remind us our childhood lifestyle, both very simple and very rich. Life surrounded by animals punctuated by field work and meetings with neighbors to work together such as harvesting…

it’s one of the best tour in my life and i have intention to return to Vietnam to visit the center and south.

Discovering the very troubled and eventful history of Vietnam, it will be necessary that we read more books, because many of your explanations during our visits are a little evaporated!

I met Jean Douget at a wine tasting. Actually, her wrist must be maintained, but he does not stop to have very physical activities…..!

Last Saturday, there was also a report on TV about Ho Chi Minh City and the South of Vietnam. We see very well super dynamism of youth people with importance of education and the streets like in Hanoi, are conquered by motorbike and scooters!

Success in a long trip depends so much on the guide …We thank you again for your availability, your patience and for transmitting us the passion of your country.

Huguette and Jean-Pierre