Floating village at Halong Bay benefits from maintenance project

Floating village at Halong Bay benefit from the maintenance project: People's Committee of Halong City of Quang Ninh Province publishes recently a plan to preserve and promote some of the typical cultural values ​​ of the Cua Van floating village of fishermen in Halong Bay.

Floating village at Halong Bay

As a result, the total cost estimated to preserve the floating village of Cua Van on Halong Bay and the resettlement area of Cai Xa Cong in Halong City is estimated more than 1.698 billion Dong.

According to the Popular Committee, this is considered a movement to preserve and promote sustainable development the ​​typical cultural values of fishermen in the floating village. At the same time, the plan aims to create unique tourism products to increase attractiveness, attract visitors and extend the visiting time of tourists in Halong Bay. In addition, the plan highlights the role and responsibility of local authorities, fishing communities and tourists in preserving and promoting the cultural values ​​of fishing floating villages on Halong Bay.

As a result, the values ​​of material culture include: boats (woven bamboo boats, sampans, sailing boats) - means of transport, livelihoods and the mobile home of fishermen in Halong Bay; traditional fishing with simple but effective fishing techniques; floating houses with daily items of fishermen in Halong; Classes of fishermen's children in Halong Bay before moving.

The values ​​of the immaterial culture include: the song of the fishermen of Halong Bay considered a treasure of folk songs, customs, beliefs and traditional festivals.

Also in the context of this plan, in the Cua Van floating village, visitors have the chance to discover the material life, the spiritual life, the means of livelihoods of the fishermen on Halong Bay in the floating cultural center of Cua Van. Documentary films reflect the material and spiritual life of fishermen; In addition, there are activities: teaching folk songs (wedding songs, love songs, sea songs); Experience "A day of fishermen on Halong Bay”...

In particular, a series of photos on "Changing and Cultural Adaptation of Fishermen Before and Today" will be presented at the Cai Xa Cong resettlement site in Ha Phong ward of Halong Bay.