Doc Let Beach - Hawaii in Vietnam

Doc Let Beach in Vietnam is breathtakingly beautiful which can be compared with Hawaii. Doc Let is located in Khanh Hoa province in the center of the country. With long stretches of white sand and fine beaches, Doc Let Beach is now a new attractive tourist attraction in Vietnam.

Doc Let Beach in Vietnam

Doc Let Beach belongs to the Ninh Hoa City of Khanh Hoa Province. This immaculate beach is about 50 km north of the city of Nha Trang. Local people call Doc Let because there are sand dunes of tens of meters high which separate the land from the sea. To get to the sea, you can only pass the sand dunes. If you cannot walk because of fatigue, you have to "drag" or "lết" in Vietnamese from the sand dunes to the sea.

Now, the access to the Doc Let Beach is no longer difficult. Just cross a small slope and take a few steps to admire the pristine beauty of this beautiful beach. While traveling to Nha Trang, if you want to find a quieter place, the beauty of Doc Let Beach can quite hold your step.

The beach stretches over 10 km, in the shape of an arch. The south of the beach is My Giang Island and the north is Mui Du. It is not far, it is the famous bay of Van Phong. Without being touched by the direct alluvium of the estuaries, the sea water here is blue for four seasons with fine and white sand. From the coast, you see small boats undulating and the island of Hon Lon like a gigantic wall. So, the Doc Let Beach is sweet, soft and calm all year round.

The best time to go to the Doc Let Beach is from January to September. You can go there from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nha Trang Beach by plane before taking the car to Doc Let.

Doc Let Beach in Vietnam

The attraction of the Doc Let Beach is the wild aspect that nature gives to this sea. It is a beautiful beach with white, pure, smooth sand... The blue sea is so clear that we can see each grain of white sand sparkling under the water. By far, there are large islands surrounding the beach. So, the sea water is always calm and soft to caress your feet. Also, the beach is not deep. As far as 100 meters from the beach, the sea level is just below 1m high, reaching the chest of an adult, very safe with young children without knowing how to swim. In addition, the seabed at Doc Let Beach is not as steep as most other seas.

Between the mainland and the Doc Let Beach, following the coast, it is the forest of the casuarinas which is like a green plant wall to make the area even more mysterious. But when you cross the green wall, you will have the impression of opening the door of paradise. Next to the green casuarinas, they are rows of coconut trees. The coconut palms are sweet, widespread, creating shade on the Doc Let Beach so the landscape is wilder, attractive... After swimming, visitors can walk on the white and fine sand, under the casuarinas, under the shade of the coconut palms in a peaceful space, in the middle of the sea, to listen to the murmur of the waves of the sea caressing the ground, the rustling of the leaves of the coconut trees... Relax to enjoy every moment of the idyllic life at the Doc Let Beach!

Doc Let Beach

In addition to coastal tourism, visitors can also visit the fishing villages, salt fields, Hon Khoi and Hon Heo islands or the famous nearby Van Phong Bay. Every day, Doc Let welcomed about 600 travelers. As usual, we do not advise you to go there during public holidays to enjoy the quiet moment.

According our experience, you can walk toward south of the Doc Let Beach to visit the fishing village of Ninh Thuy or toward north to visit the seafood market. In addition, there are activities to avoid lying around too: Football, volleyball, badminton on the sea, parachute, surfing, hunting of dawn photos…

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