Dalat in Vietnam - exciting experience in autumn

Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province located on the Lam Vien Plateau belonging to the highlands of central Vietnam. Historically, this region was inhabited by ethnic groups like: Lach, Chil, Sre Coho...

At the end of the 19th century, while looking for a place to build an altitude holiday resort for French people in Indochina, the Governor Paul Doumer chose Dalat with the suggestion of the doctor Alexandre Yersin who explored Dalat in 1893.

In the first half of the 20th century, from a deserted place, the French people have planned and built a beautiful city of Dalat with villas, offices, hotels and schools... Dalat has become a tourist and educational center under the time of Indochina.

Dalat in Vietnam

With the altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, near the mountains and forests around, the Dalat city has a temperate and mild mountain climate throughout the year. The history of over a century of construction also left to the city a valuable architectural heritage which is like museum of European architecture of the 20th century. The abundant natural and human resources help Dalat to become one of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.

In addition, Dalat is a center for education and scientific research, a city of religious diversity in the presence of hundreds of temples, churches, monasteries ... and a rich agricultural region especially with vegetables and floricultural products. Thanks to the mild climate, beautiful natural scenery and rich architectural heritage, Dalat also is known by many other names such as "City of Fog", "The City of Thousand Pines", "City of Thousand Flower" "Land of Cherries" or "Little Paris".

Dalat in Vietnam - exciting experience in autumn:

Dalat promises to be the ideal destination for travelers not only by the beauty of each season of wild sunflowers on small paths, but also by the friendliness and hospitality of the local people.

Dalat: A morning walks at dawn and breakfast with the local specialty or Banh Can: The dawn sunlight is in harmony with the calm of the morning, the mild climate and serene beauty of a new day of the inhabitants here. Dalat in the morning is calm, not animated by travelers.

Dalat in Vietnam

A morning stroll through the narrow streets of the Dalat city is a pleasant experience. You will meet the simple restaurants of the Can cake on the sidewalks of the streets as: Tang Bat Ho, Phan Dinh Phung, Bui Thi Xuan, Nguyen Cong Tru... These restaurants are simply equipped with small and square tables, chairs…and the guests wait to be served around. The customers enjoy Can specialty while seeing the cooker prepare it quickly by hand.

The Can cake is a simple and familiar dish of the inhabitants in the Dalat city that has a unique flavor creating a harmony of taste and color. The raw materials making the feature in this dish of Dalat are the interior prepared with variation: eggs, ground meat, squid, shrimp ... When you take the Can cake, you dip it in the bowl of sauce to have all tastes which will dissolve in the mouth.

Dalat - Drinking of coffee at the Tuyen Lam Lake: Tuyen Lam Lake is located at 7km from Dalat city center and 2 km from the Datanla waterfall. At 1000 m above sea level, Tuyen Lam is the largest lake in Dalat. Here, there are beautiful scenery and interesting tourism services. The lake has many small islands and is surrounded by large pine forests. A cup of coffee while admiring the lake in the last days of autumn will allow visitors to have numerous new emotions about Dalat and this is an exciting experience you cannot ignore during the November.

The pause in a small charming café on the edge of the road, in the melodious music will brings you an unforgettable experience. The coffee bars here are very well decorated with an airy space filled with the colors of the flowers. You will feel a total peace while taking a coffee at the lake in the morning breeze and dreamy fog.

Dalat in Vietnam

Monastery Truc Lam Meditation: The Monastery of the Truc Lam Meditation is located along Tuyen Lam Lake or at 5km from the city center of Dalat. The monastery is surrounded by flower gardens that have brightly colors. The imposing pine forests follow the road leading to the monastery which is not only the largest in Lam Dong province, but also one of the most preferred locations of many local and international travelers during trip in Dalat. With an area of ​​30 hectares, Truc Lam is also one of the largest monasteries in Vietnam, belonging to the current of Meditation.

You can visit 4 parts of the monastery: Home of monks, part of the venerable chief monk of the monastery, the outside and inside. The monastery garden is a place not to be missed where there are many beautiful flowers.

The Meditation Lake which is located near the garden breeds a variety of turtles for ornament. The water in the lake is always clear throughout the year. Around the lake, there are plenty of benches for visitors to relax.

While coming in Truc Lam Monastery of Mediation in Dalat in November, you can admire the Phoenix Mountain overlooking the green Tuyen Lam Lake where you can take a boat trip and stop in many small islands covered with pine trees. Do not forget to look Dalat from the cable connecting between the Robin pass and Meditation Monastery.

Dalat in Vietnam

Dalat is also known by the routes of wild sunflowers: In early November, the streets of the city of Dalat or the City of Love are brighter and warmer when it is covered by bright yellow and new color of wild  e beauty and vitality in the middle of nature.

So, the wild sunflower symbolizes faithful love and the irresistible ardor. These flowers appear at several places, but to be able to feel better its golden yellow color through the roads, the city of Dalat is the best.

The most appropriate times to take pictures of wild sunflowers are in 9-10am and from 15-17h. These are the moments when the sun is not dazzling in Dalat. You can see the yellow color everywhere within the city, on the beautiful and small villas, trails in all directions...

Discovery of Prenn Pass: The Prenn Pass of 11 km long is the most majestic and the most spectacular which lies at about 10 km from the city downtown of Dalat. Belonging to the province of Lam Dong, the road is very curvy but creates many nice landscapes. The lush pine forests and waterfalls create the mild climate to Dalat city or City of Thousand Flower.

Dalat in Vietnam

While coming in Dalat, you cannot certainly ignore the experience of the Prenn Pass which is majestic and living like a painting in the middle of nature. Several visitors in Dalat often rent bikes to get there to feel all the charms here. The Prenn pass has a moderate slope, many points of corners but not very rough with beautiful landscapes, pine trees whistling love songs in the wind.

The brave travelers who like to explore new things cannot ignore the stop to visit the haunted house full of mysteries in Prenn Pass. But now, this villa is called with the friendly names: Villa of Prenn Pass or the White Villa.

The Prenn pass also has a very famous destination in Dalat: Prenn Waterfall. You can discover the beauty of the waterfall that flows like the rhythm of the music to tell you: Welcome to Dalat!