Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam impresses International Tour Operators

Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam impresses international tour operators: "I am really impressed by the survival of Vietnamese soldiers in the Cu Chi Tunnel during the fight against foreign invaders.

Cu Chi Tunnel

There are many interesting things to discover if you go directly into the tunnel. I read a lot about this tunnel but it exceeds my imagination. Ho Chi Minh City has a very special destination "said delegate Lee Mayoung of the South Korean delegation after visiting the Cu Chi Tunnel in southern Vietnam.

This is the program of the 8th Asia Pacific Tourism Forum (TPO) organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, the deputy director of the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department, the city has a rich history and many tourist attractions. On this occasion, the leaders of the department presented several circuits to the delegates.

Upon arriving at the Cu Chi Tunnel, the TPO delegation had chance to discover the history of the formation of the Cu Chi Tunnel system. Delegates were able to descend into this unique underground system by listening to the introduction of Hoang Cam's non smoke kitchen and tasting Cu Chi specialties.

Delegate Lee Mayoung (South Korea) said, "I feel the heroic past of the people of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general during the fierce struggle for development today. The Vietnamese people are gentle, friendly...who is always ready to help others. Meanwhile, Ms. Fazuiahton AG.Samad (Malaysia) shared: The Cu Chi Tunnel is one of the highlights of Ho Chi Minh City, one of the destinations that visitors should visit during the stay in the largest city of Vietnam.

The guests were surprised by the level of development and beauty of Ho Chi Minh City today, especially restaurants and street food such as bread ... Previously, the TPO Forum celebrated the outstanding contribution of individuals and groups of TPO members in the field of tourism in 2017. As a result, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi won the Best Marketing Campaign Award. Changwon City and Jeollabuk City of South Korea won the Best Media Award. Guangzhou City of China and Gimhae City of South Korea won the award of Best Public Relations Campaign. The award for Best Destination Management was reserved to the cities of Kim Sangyeong and Tongyeong (South Korea). The award for Best Leader in the Tourism Industry was reserved to Datuk Tan Kok Liang (Malaysia)...

Mrs Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa said that Ho Chi Minh City, 50 km from the Cu Chi Tunnel, is a city rich in history and dynamic identity in Vietnam's development process. The tourism industry is still trying to attract more and more travelers so that tourism becomes one of the main development sectors of the country. Ho Chi Minh City highly appreciates the importance of TPO's role in supporting the city to connect, develop and promote the non smoke industry.

According to Ms. Hoa's speech after the visit of the Cu Chi Tunnel, thanks to the forum, the city's tourism sector should help promote the city's position in the Asia-Pacific region, strengthen the exchange of relations with member cities of the TPO in the field of tourism by contributing to the strengthening of friendly relations between Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular with other countries.

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