Con Dao Island in Vietnam against the typhoon of Temblin

Con Dao Island in Vietnam against the typhoon of Temblin: According to the information of the Committee for the prevention of natural disasters, search and rescue of Con Dao District, from 19 hours on December 24, 2017, the work of relocation of local residents and visitors to safe places was deployed to avoid the 16th storm called Tembin.

Con Dao Island in Vietnam

At the port of Ben Dam, there were more than 200 boats anchored to avoid the storm with 120 fishermen on board to protect their property. The town hall of Con Dao asked the management of the port of Ben Dam, the police and the army to continue to mobilize these fishermen to the shelter. In case the fishermen did not cooperate, before 7:00 am on December 25, the functional forces of the district - the Con Dao Island would force them to go to the shelter to ensure the life.

Earlier, at 7 pm, at the headquarters of the Customs Department at the port of Ben Dam, there were thousands of residents who protected themselves from the storm under the direction of the authorities. Security measures were maintained by functional forces on Con Dao Island.

In the residential areas of downtown of Con Dao, the situation of the move was very urgent. The functional forces continued to mobilize, bring ... people to safety sites to avoid the storm... Establishments such as: Primary school boarding, nursery school, culture house ... were used by the authorities of the Con Dao Island to help people.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, the head of Residential Zone No. 3, said, "Our residential area has about 350 people who have to move. However, until now, there are only about a hundred people who have been able to move into shelters against the storm. Tomorrow, the rest will continue to move to the safe places. "

According to the Committee for disaster prevention, search and rescue of Con Dao Island, until 21:00 on December 24, 100% of the vessels in Con Dao waters were safe; 100% of tourists on the island have been resettled in safe shelters; The Con Dao Island has moved 1,530 / 2,100 people to secure places ...

For the rest of the population (570 people) to move but they did not cooperate according to the instructions of the authorities, from 6 am to 8 am on December 25, the Committee for Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue implement coercive measures to ensure the security of the population during the arrival of the storm at Con Dao Island.