Chinese tourists in Halong Bay

Chinese tourists in Halong Bay: On the night of March 26, thousands of Chinese tourists lined up at the gateway in the Mong Cai International border of Quang Ninh province. Because of the long line, many Chinese tourists seemed to be tired. After completing border administration procedures, dozens of buses of Vietnamese travel companies waited for them to begin the journey to Halong City... "The visit to Quang Ninh takes 3-4 days and these groups will visit famous places in Quang Ninh such as Halong Bay, Yen Tu... and go shopping." said an agency employee of tourism... 

Chinese tourists in Halong Bay

Number of Chinese tourists in Halong Bay is developping rapidly: 

The head of the Mong Cai international border guard station said that from mid-March to today, Chinese tourists crossing the border reach number of about 5,000 a day. Since the beginning of the year, there have been about 300,000 Chinese tourists who have come to Vietnam from here. They are concentrated between 10 to 14h. The rest of the day is calm. "Chinese tourists gather at the door at noon, at the same time, there are thousands of people, so the queues are always long. Compared to last year, this year, there are less Chinese tourists.’’

Chinese tourists cross the frontier border mainly between October and the beginning of April. Summer is empty. The number of Chinese tourists in Halong Bay is increasing over the days. So, the attractions of this site are always overcrowded. In the morning, there are thousands of people at Tuan Chau wharf. Thousands of Chinese tourists board the junks to visit famous places in Halong Bay such as Sung Sot Cave, Titov Island, Luon Cave, Thien Cung Cave... "Chinese tourists come to Halong Bay mainly in winter and spring, but the summer is quite calm because of the hot weather that does not suit them. Since the beginning of this month, our ships have mainly transported Chinese tourists, sometimes only Chinese tourists. "Said Luong, the sailor of a junks company at Halong Bay. Local authorities say that for about half a month, there are about 600 boats visiting Halong Bay daily, 70% of which are for Chinese tourists. 

Number of Chinese tourists in Halong Bay is increasing because of "tour 0 Dong":

Recently, the influx of Chinese tourists in Halong Bay following the '' 0 Dong tour '' is more and more important. An official from the Tourism Department of Quang Ninh Province said that the "0 Dong Circuit" that appeared in Quang Ninh for a long time continues after a period of silence or ban. Essentially, the "0 D Tour” is a form of marketing. Travel companies can reduce the price of the trip to 0 Dong (Vietnamese currency), which means that the tour to visit Halong Bay or other destinations in the province of Quang Ninh is completely free, however, tourists must commit to enter the shopping centers decided by the tour operators...These shops are the reason for the 0 Dong circuit of Chinese tourists in Halong Bay ", he said.

According to this official, these stores "only sell to Chinese tourists". The owner of the store is Vietnamese people, but in fact, the Chinese people are behind the back. The activities are organized in a very sophisticated way, so the authorities have difficulties to control them. These stores have close links with travel agencies to share the benefits of products like: blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions, prices much higher than the real value. Customers know very little about these products. This is the terrible profit to compensate for the loss of “0 Dong Tour" of Chinese tourists in Halong Bay which is, however, still profitable for locals thanks to the fees of visit and other service charges...