Cai be floating market in Vietnam

Cai be floating market belonging Cai be district of the Tien giang province in Mekong Delta located in south of Vietnam. The Cai be floating market is a place of trade on one of two main branches of the Mekong River and a tourist attraction in south of Vietnam.

Features of Cai be floating market:

The commercial activities of Cai be floating market are varied as fabrics, furniture, poultry, food... But the market is best known by the fruits of the province of Tien Giang such as: apples, grapefruit of green skin, pineapple, oranges, tangerines...

According to Vietnamese book published in the mid 19th century: at that time, the Cai be floating market was buzzing. All goods were carried on boats along the river.

Cai be floating market in Vietnam

Cai be floating market is increasingly known. This small Cai be town has streets located along the Mekong River hidden under coconut palms, mangroves ... as a painting. Cai be countryside has a pure beauty with gardens, rivers ... which follow each other.

Cai be floating market happening all day, is the exchange point of fruits for all regions in the south of Vietnam. The prices are so reasonable unexpectedly. On each boat, the samples of the products for sale are hung up on a pole to be recognized.

The Dawn and the dusk are the two liveliest moments in the Cai be floating market. If you are more interested in animation of boats crowded of the goods, go - there at dawn.

If you like peace and quiet, you go to Cai be floating market in the afternoon to see the local life on boats. You will have the chance to admire the sunset over the Mekong River. Cai be becomes a "Floating City" in a dreamy and melancholic atmosphere.

Today, because of requirements, there are not only just fruits or farm products, but also small floating restaurants, coffee bar ... The floating small boats sneak to sell: Bread, noodles soup, coffee, tea ... Travelers have the opportunity to sip coffee in Cai be floating market a wide and fluvial space of ​​the Mekong River.

Cai be floating market in Vietnam

Tourism of Cai be floating market:

The Cai be floating market is one of the most interesting destinations in the Mekong Delta in general and in the province of Tien Giang in particular: It is one of the best times to explore the life on the Mekong.

Some our activities: 

A private boat tour to explore the river culture in Cai be floating market, walk in the surrounding villages with a meal under the lush vegetation of tropical fruit trees, discovery of local handicrafts: Rice candy, coconut caramel, rice cake…

We offer also a night in home stay on the An binh island in the middle of the Mekong River to immerse yourself in local life, visit of nurseries, a sampan ride, a bike ride along the canals, visit of the local market, a cooking class, folklore show, taste all kinds of local fruit ... in a family atmosphere.

Getting to Cai be floating market: 

Cai Be is easily accessible by road from Ho Chi Minh City (2:30), the capital of Mekong Delta or Can Tho City (1:30)...If you have a free day after visiting Ho Chi Minh City, the Cai be floating market is a destination not to miss during your travel in Vietnam.