Babe Lake in Vietnam

Babe Lake is an inevitable destination during the travel in north east of Vietnam. At 6 hours drive from the Hanoi capital, Babe Lake is like a pearl in the middle of the green mountains of Ba Be National Park. This is a lake of fresh water in the province of Bac Kan in north - east of Vietnam and is in the list of one hundred biggest freshwater lakes in the world. Located in the National Park of the same name, the Babe Lake is recognized as an attractive travel destination in north of Vietnam.

Babe lake in Vietnam

Summarized history of Babe Lake:

The lake was formed there over 200 million years ago. Continental tectonic movement in Southeast Asia at the end of the era of Cambri created a huge body of water with a surface of about 5 million m2 and a thickness of more than 30m in Karst Mountain to create Babe Lake currently refueled by the three rivers called Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng.

As the largest of freshwater in Vietnam, Babe Lake has the typical geological landscapes and biodiversity values.

In 1995, at the conference of the lakes of freshwater held in the United States, Babe Lake was recognized as one of the twenty typical freshwater lakes in the world that must be protected specially. In late 2004, the Babe National Park was recognized as Heritage Park of ASEAN, Association of South East Asia Nations.

General Information of Babe Lake:

The Babe Lake is at an altitude of 145 meters above the sea with water surface area of ​​over 650 hectares. With about 8 km long, the lake is surrounded by Limestone Mountains with a system of caves and underground streams.

Powered by three rivers: Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng flowing into the lake, the average depth of Babe Lake is 20 to 25 meters, 5 to 10 meters when the water level is in minimum. The lake water moves with a speed of about 0.5 m / s, 2.5-3 m / s during the rainy season.

Having two small islands emerging in the middle of the emerald water, Babe is the largest tectonic lake in northern Vietnam between schist and limestone mountains.

Babe lake in Vietnam

Legend of Babe Lake:

In the past, the inhabitants of Nam Mau, a commune near Babe district belonging to the province of Bac Kan organized a ceremony every year to present offerings to God.

Once, before the party, there was a very poor, leper and dirty woman who came here to beg ... but all the villagers chased her mercilessly. Everyone walked away from her. But there was a widow in commune and her son who helped her. The beggar had the chance to take a very good meal and spend a night at the widow, in the granary.

At midnight, the widow and her son heard a terrible noise. They opened the granary but the beggar was not there. They saw only a huge dragon who said:

- I'm not the beggar. I am a dragon that has turned into a poor woman to see if people here are kind or not. Everybody chased me except you and your son. They cannot avoid punishment of Superiors who have entrusted to me: I'll drown Nam Mau commune in a flood. I give you the ash to put around your house and two barks rice to escape from this disaster. After saying that, the Beggar - Dragon disappeared immediately.

One day, while people attended the ceremony, a large flow of water invaded the village. Everyone was drowned but the widow’ house has risen above water. They used two rice peels as two boats to save others.

The village was entirely flooded. This area became three large lakes called Babe Lake or Three Seas Lake.

The Babe Lake is charming and immense. Its turquoise water is distinguished among the majestic mountains of the north. In the lake, there is a small island which is called: the Island of Widow by local population.

Babe lake in Vietnam

Tourism activities in Babe Lake:

During boat ride on Babe Lake, you can stop at the following locations:

Puong Cave: With a length of 300m and 30m high, the cave is very beautiful with wonderful stalactites in all shapes where there are many bats.

Dau Dang waterfall: Located on the Nang River, this waterfall is 1000 m long with three stone steps: each step is about 3 to 4 meters long, creating the wild and romantic nature.

Hua Ma Cave: At about 6 km from the, you should climb up about 300 meters on the slopes. In the cave, there are many mysterious stalactites.

Pond of Fairy: The pond is at 100 meters from the Babe Lake but is filled with water all year. Its surface is calm. According to legend, the fairies had a bath here and made water green like blue clouds.

Our services: 

We offer a wide range of activities: Boat trips, walking, motorcycle in villages, and visit of caves ... visit during one or two days trips in the nature of a Babe National Park in the middle of the northern mountain of the country.


In the Center of the Protection of the Babe National Park, there are hostels managed by the state but are rarely used.

Home stays: Around Babe Lake, there are villages like Pac Ngoi, Nam Mau ... of the Tay ethnic group living in charming wooden houses on stilts. With the help of the local authority, the very friendly people have arranged their houses by equipping toilets, blankets ... for travelers in simple but very clean conditions. This is the best solution to share life with the local population in the Babe Lake.

Specialties in Babe Lake:

Babe Lake appears in the eyes of adventurers like a mysterious green gem in the north – east mountains of Vietnam, at approximately 230 km from Hanoi. This lake (in Bac Kan province) is a famous tourist destination which is recognized worldwide as one of the 20 special freshwater lakes in the world.

Located at an altitude of 145 m above sea level, the Babe Lake always manages to have the blue sky mixed with the green of the mountain, particularly beautiful in the morning mist...Known as the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam, this is also an interesting destination for travelers who want to escape the noise of the city to plunge into the vast and untouched wilderness of nature.

Further relaxation moments during the boat ride on the lake, travelers can stay in the Pac Ngoi village to better understand the cultural characteristics of the Tay ethnic group, in particular, to taste the specialties of the mountains.

Grilled fish: Grilled fishes of Babe Lake are a favorite dish of many travelers because they are very fragrant. Theses fishes are small like the finger, but very good that you can eat all the meat, bones and head. The way of cooking is very simple. After cleaning, we remove the intestines and bile. We put poisons on charcoal about 15 minutes. This is cooked when the fish become yellow.

Sour Shrimp: At Babe Lake, people eat sour shrimp with pork, star fruit, green banana... In the middle of romantic natural landscapes, tasting sour shrimp with a glass of rice wine will be a good souvenir while travel in Vietnam.

Bananas wild cores: On the way to the Tien pond or at the entrance of Babe Lake, wild bananas are much sold. Planted on the mountains, bananas trees make landscapes very attractive while fruits are used as the drug, the local gift.

Smoked pork: Tay people in Babe Lake often put meat in baskets, and then suspend it on the kitchen. The daily smoke makes the meat black. So the meat will not rotten and can be kept in a year. Today, Tay people do not have to keep food like this but in their homes, there is always a bit of smoked meat to greet important guests or parties...

Don vegetables: This is a kind of wild vegetables which grow in humid places in the forest, near the rocks and are easy to find. These vegetables are therapeutic, so this is why the residents of Babe Lake appreciate it so much. Don vegetables fade so quickly, so we have to prepare it quickly.

Sticky rice planted on the slopes: the local residents soak plump seeds in water for several hours before putting in the wooden pan to steam glutinous rice. This rice is eaten with grilled fish, caramelized pork, smoked pork...These are the specialties not to miss in Babe Lake.

Getting to Babe Lake: 

From Hanoi, Cao Bang, Ha can go easily to Babe Lake by road. Here are some our offer:

Tour 1:

Day 1: Hanoi – Babe Lake:

Day 2: Babe – Hanoi

Tour 2:

Day 1: Hanoi – Lang Son – Cao Bang

Day 2: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Watefall – Cao Bang

Day 3: Cao Bang – Babe Lake

Day 4: Babe Lake – Hanoi