Advices during your trip

As local tour guides, please let us to give you some advices during your travel in Vietnam. For more details, please contact us:

Clothes: Except in the city which is rather different. But if you are traveling in the countryside, the clothes must be correct in places of worship: Pagoda, church, temple…

It is at least a trouser below the knees, tee – shirts covering chest and shoulders.

With beggars: This is a job now. This is not because of hunger, in general they beg. In this case, there is no need to give them money to avoid encouraging begging.

Of course, there are special cases, but very rare. I suggest you give them 10 000 VND (40 cents).

If you have toys, I suggest you gather them together before giving to children in a classroom to avoid begging. But in this case, you should see the amount to avoid jealousy.

With the locals: Don’t be nervous with the local persons. Everything will be arranged if you have problems. The nervousness does solve nothing. In addition, it can cause more harm. I advise you to be calm and be quiet. Everything is arranged here as we do.

With guides and drivers: It absolutely must not annoy them or talk aloud with them. These are the persons who serve you directly in making your trip more easy and interesting.

The guides are trained and certified officially. They may have temperaments, visions … different of yours.

But when they are with you, that mean they love their job. In their nature, they are all friendly. If you don’t want to be with them, do not hesitate to ask for change.

Safety: Vietnam is a country where the security is good. By cons, thieves exist in public places, especially in Ho Chi Minh – City and Ha Noi. I advise you to be vigilant in these areas as in big cities around the world. Here are some advices in public areas:

. Leave the passports in your hotel or in your car.

. Do not take valuables things such as: Jewelry, necklaces…when you are alone.

. Bring your cameras with string in hand.

. Try to put maximum your thing in the car during the visits.

. Do not open the wallet in public places in cities.

. Not be out late alone in the city.

. Ask the mobile phone number of your guide.

Prostitution: It is officially prohibited but exists, especially in known locations: Beaches, cities, tourist attractions…

It is advisable to avoid it because of the lack of security. There is the risk of being robbed, punished…

7 years in prison for pedophilia: Sexual relations with minors is seriously controlled and prohibited.

Drugs: It is forbidden and severely punished in Vietnam. The death penalty is applied to traffickers from 100 g of heroin or 6 kg of poppy.

It is strongly useful to avoid these stories.

Taxi:Illegal taxis exist. To avoid being deceived by false counters, it is advisable to ask the hotel, the staff in the restaurants …to call you a taxi. This service is free and satisfied nicely.

Restaurant price: The food is not expensive in Vietnam. In modern restaurants, the prices are displayed.

But in popular restaurants in street, the food is sold, based on the number of people.

Do not hesitate to ask the price before having meal. If you are more than two people, we suggest you a common fund to pay for the meal.

Foreigners usually pay only for what they consume. It is difficult for Vietnamese who don’t have habit to collect money from each customer. This can create errors, misunderstandings … and more with language barriers.

Bargaining: During your travel in Vietnam, it is recommended in the small shops, street stalls, street vendors …: T – shirt, shoes, hat, clothes, souvenirs…

Prices marked in the official shops, supermarkets … with electronic products … are not possible to bargain.

The percentage is 10%, 20% … depending on the amount of thing or of your behavior: kindness, without anger …The price discussion can start a nice conversation.

Except, when you are the first customer of the day, about 8 – 9 am, if you bargain without taking anything, this can be considered a bad sign for the rest of the day.

Tip: It is still a delicate subject.

As in the service economy, tipping is another source of life which is important as the official salary, especially in developing countries like Vietnam… after so many years of war, constant misery.

Tip is not the only measure of customer satisfaction, the quality of work, but also the motivation of people who are with you.

Tip must represent value. If not, it is considered as contempt.

How? it depends on your budget, the quality of services, of course.

But, i propose: 5USD per day for the guide and 3 USD for driver if the group consists of between 2 – 6 people.

3 USD for the guide, 2 USD for the driver per day if the group is between 6 – 10 people.

2 USD for guide and 1 USD for the driver per day if the group is over 10 people…. Of course, this amount may be less or more, depends on the quality service, the working condition…

Electric current: In general, it is 210 V in hotels, trains, boats… But the country lacks of electric power, especially in summer. A flashlight may be necessary and is easy to find in the country.

Money: It’s called Dong or D with the following notes: 1000 D, 2000 D, 5000 D, 10 000 D, 20 000 D 50 000 D 100 000 D 200 000 D 500 000 D.

The exchange rate: 1 USD = 22,000, 1 EUR = 23,000 D.

A beer costs in general between 26 000 and 50 000 D.

A bottle of water: from 10 000 D 30 000 D, depending on place.

A meal in the street restaurants: between 50 000 and 100 000 D: 2, 5 or 5 USD

Coins exist but are rejected because of weight and low value.

For more questions, please send us a mail: